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Subject: Re: Frangipani
Date: Tue, 16 May 2006 20:03:17 -0300
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Thanks, Tony. Your reply arrived the minute before my post did. Ain't time grand?

There once was a woman from Dwight,
Who could travel much faster than light.
She started on day,
In a relative way,
And returned on the previous night!

Any way, what I am seeking is Giovanna's ancestry, beyond her father, D. Carlo. Her ma would also be helpful.

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| Perhaps this identification might be found in Daniel MacGregor's
| _Brooke's Book_. Haven't a copy myself, but know one can be found at
| Chicago's Newberry Library.
| Tony Hoskins
| >>> "Ford Mommaerts-Browne" <> 05/16/06 03:45PM
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| I have been having tremendous difficulty finding anything on
| Giovanna di Carlo Frangipani di Grumo, the wife of Ferrante Orsini, D.
| Gravina, ob. 1660, and mother of His Holiness, Benedetto XIII,
| (1724-1730), and of Domenico Orsini, D. Gravina, ob. 1705, (through whom
| she is ancestral to (Christa) Brooke (Camilla) Shields, n. 1965.
| I realize that this is post-1600, but it rapidly ascends into the
| group's bailiwick, and deals with a gateway ancestor, (Marina Torlonia
| 1916-1960, [m. 2, New York City, Francis Xavier Shields, ob. 1975 -
| ironically, a tennis-pro.]). As an aside, her brother married a
| daughter of Alfonso XIII.
| Any help would be greatly and much appreciated.
| Respectfully,
| Ford

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