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Subject: Re: Tudorplace correction: John Stourton of Stourton d 1364
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Will, there are quite a few hits on Google's scanned books for "John

Also, I have these excerpts from my research on the Hody family, who had
some connection with the Stourtons:

Somerset Medieval Wills, Somerset Rec. Soc. Vol. 16:
1438. John Stourton (25 Luffenam. Fo. 195)
I, John Stourton of Preston, the elder, son of ("Sir" inserted in pen)
John Stourton, formerly Lord de Stourton, brother of William Stourton,
son and heir of the said John Stourton de Stourton...10 Nov 1438, make
my will in this manner:...burial in ch. of Staverdale...wife
= = =
Somerset Feet of Fines, 8H6 (1429-1430):
58. John Passeware and William Bochell querents; John Wynford and Alice
his wife deforciants; manor of Brympton and advowson of the church and
chantry of St. Mary. John W. and Alice acknowledged the right of John P.
and his heirs; for this John P. gr. same to John W. and Alice to hold to
them and the heirs of the body of John begotten, and of John W. die w/o
such heirs then after Alice dies all to remain to John Stourton of
Preston Plokenet, Master Richard Stourton, William Carent, William
Powlet, John Hody, John Fauntleroy, John Welle, John Smyth and John
Dyker, and to the heirs of John Stourton.
= = =
Somerset Feet of Fines, 13H6 (1433-1434):
14. John Sydenham and Joan his wife querents; John Stourton, of Preston
Plokenet, John Hody, and John Smyth deforciants; for manor of Brympton
and advowsons of the church and chantry of St. Mary which William
Lamboke cleric, William Alisaundre, Robert Peny, Thomas Beaushen,
William Forde, Nicholas Coker, Ralph Brytt, Robert Hymerford, Thomas
Forde cleric, William Levedon cleric, John Knakeston cleric, John
Passeware, John Lymbury, Walter Burcy, Walter Tanner, Thomas Germyn and
William Germyn held for the life of Alice who was wife of John Wynford
esquire. John Sydenham acknowledged the manor and advowsons to be the
right of John Stourton; for this John Stourton granted that the same,
after the decease of Alice, shall remain to John Sydenham and Joan and
their issue rendering per annum a rose at midsummer, and if John and
Joan die without issue then all to revert to John Stourton and his
= = =
Somerset Rec. Soc., Bishop Bekynton's Register:
1412. Licence for Sir Reynold Stourton, knight, of the diocese of
Salisbury, and Dame Margaret, widow, late the wife of Alexander Hody,
knight, parishioner of Bruggewater, to have their marriage the chapel, or oratory, of St. John the Baptist in the
manor, or dwelling-house, of Bowre, in the said parish, nearly 2 miles
distant from the parish church...long the residence of said Margaret...
= = =
History of Parliament
Biographies of the Members of the Commons House, 1439-1509--
J. C. Wedgwood, 1936--
pp. 154-155--
Carent, John, junior (1425-83); of Ash in Stour-Pain, Dorset, and of
Toomer, Somerset. M.P. Dorset 1453-4, called "junior".
Son and heir of William Carent, MP (1395-1476), by Margaret
(Stourton), and nephew of John Carent, sr., who d. leaving coheirs in
1478. Married (1) 1441 Jane dau. of Thomas Brooke of Weycroft, Devon,
M.P., and (2) c1459, Margaret, widow of Nicholas Carew of Beddington,
Surrevy, M.P., who survived him and d. 1503.
By Oct 1441 John junr. and Jane his wife had succeeded, on the death
of Ralf Bushey, to Winterbourne-Houghton, which they had of the grant of
Sir John Chidiok. One must assume that it was John senr. who was the
eschr. in 1441, but it was John junr. who was sheriff, Som. and Dorset
1459-60; and as "of Ash" or as "junior" he is to be found on Dorset
comns. from Dec 1460 onwards. Both senr. and junr. were electors for
Dorset when William Carent was elected in 1450. It will probably be the
uncle "senr." who was servant to the Duchess of Somerset 1458. Junior
was pardoned on the roll 5 Feb 1462, with the other official
Lancastrians, and 5 Feb 1472 and 20 Nov 1474. He was an elector again in
Dorset, 1472.
Died just before 11 Jul 1483, when William Carent his son succeeded
. . .
Carent, William (1395-1476); of Toomer, Som.; steward of Shaftesbury
abbey, agent for Duke of Somerset. M.P. Dorset 1420; Somerset 1423;
Dorset 1426, 1427; Somerset 1445-6, 1450-1.
Son and h eir of William Carent, MP (d. c1422), by Alice, dau. and
eventual heir of Sir John Toomer of Toomer-Henstridge, Som.; m. (1)
Margaret, d. 1463, dau. of Sir William Stourton, the Speaker, and (2),
1468, Katherine (d. 1473), dau. and heir of Thomas Payne of Payneshay,
Devon, widow of John Stourton, M.P., of Preston-Plucknet, and of Sir
John Beynton, M.P. He was brother of Nicholas Carent, dean of Wells, d.
1467, and of John Carent, senr. (d. 1478). William's son John Carent
junr., was M.P. Dorset 1453.
Eschr. Som. and Dorset, 1421-2; sheriff 1427-8, 1434-5, 1440-1;
member of the council for Bruton Priory 1430; eschr. Devon, 1441;
sheriff, Som. and Dorset, 1446-7, 1450-1 pricked after election to
Parliament; J.P. Dorset 2 Dec 1430 till death; elector, Somerset 1421,
1437, Dorset 1422, 1442; on Dorset and Som. comns. of every party
1420-1475. 1438 exor. to John Stourton, junr., son of John, first lord
Stourton, who left Carent for "his labour and friendship" his black
horese, as well as jewelry to Carent's wife Margaret. 1441 exor. of Sir
John Hody, C.J., who left him a silver cup, and in 1448 William
Byconnel, priest of Wells, bequeathes to "my most illustrious William
Carent" a silver gilt cup. A popular man, no partisan or patronage
hunter, but closely allied with his bro. and the church.
He was pardoned in 1437, "of Thomer, Som., esq., late sheriff, farmer
of Henxstrigge and Charleton, late eschr. of Som. and Dorset" (m. 24);
and in 1446, 1452, Nov. 1455, Jan 1458 (m. 34) and Dec 1471--always of
Thomer or Tomer...As a Lancastrian he was summoned to the Great Council
1455, for Dorset...died 8 Apr 1476 when John aged 40 and more, was his
son and heir...

Bob Forrest

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