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From: "Leo van de Pas" <>
Subject: Re: MacDonald of The Isles
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 11:11:48 +1000
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> Sunday, 21 May, 2006
> Dear Leo,
> I have seen the Elizabeth m. Angus MacKay link, but am not aware
> of any documentation supporting same.
Dear John,

Sources can be sensitive, especially for me as I have to rely on secondary

The Dutch book referred to is "Geschiedenis van het geslacht Mackay" by
Daniel, Baron Mackay. (History of the family Mackay). It was published by
"Koninklijk Nederlands Genootschap voor geslacht- en wapenkunde" in 1984.

_If only_ it had also been translated. The sources require eight pages and
starts with an introduction telling that the manuscripts used for this book
mainly can be found in the family's archive "the Reay Papers" which are kept
in "Her Majesty's Register House in Edinburgh".

Amongst the manuscripts (they are given in detail) I will try to translate
the description as well as I can:
A manuscript of Donald Macdonald, Lord of the Isles for Angus of Strathnaver
en his eldest son Neil (son of Donald's sister Elizabeth) in regards a
donation of land near Strathallandale and Ferancostgrayg. Witnesses Lauchlan
Makgillan and Roderick Macleod 'cum diversis aliis'.
Dated : 'Apud insulam Arcage, 8 October 1415
Certified copy from 'Acta Dominorum Concilii (lords of Council) dated 15
February 1506, book 18, volume II, fol.200

I would guess this would be acceptable as a primary source.

Hope someone has access to the original.
With best wishes
Leo van de Pas
Canberra, Australia

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