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Subject: Re: Anglo-Saxon kings in England
Date: Fri, 26 May 2006 19:22:00 EDT

Dear Will,
According to David Williamson`s Kings and Queens of Britain
Appendix B Table 2 The Kings of Kent
Earconbert, King of Kent ruled to 664 married Sexburga, daughter
of Anna, King of East Anglica and had Egbert I, King of Kent 664-673,
Hlothere, King of Kent 673-685, Earcongota and Eormengild who married King Wulfhere
of Mercia 657-675 (Table 8 Kings of Mercia gives them 3 children, Coenred ,
King of Mercia 704-709, Berhtwald and St Werburga , Abbess of Ely who d abt
700. Egbert I, King of Kent was father (table 2 again) of Eadric, King of Kent
685-686/7 and Wihtred, King of Kent 690-725 who married 1st Cynegyth, by whom
Ethelbert II, King of Kent 725-762. And Eadbert I, King of Kent jointly with
Ethelbert II 725- 748. Wihtred had apparently no children by 2nd wife
Ethelburga and a son Alric who ruled with his half-brothers by 3rd wife Werburga.
Williamson then conjectures that Ethelbert II was the father of Egbert II, King
of Kent abt 765-abt 780, Eadbert II Praen, King of Kent 796-798 and a daughter
married to Ealhmund of Wessex, Sub King of Kent in 784, parents of Egbert,
King of Wessex who shortly after his ascension in 802 also became King of Kent
James W Cummings
Dixmont, Maine USA

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