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Subject: Re: Stockdill Tells Us He Is A Bastard
Date: 17 Aug 2006 00:26:06 -0700
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Renia wrote:
> D. Spencer Hines wrote:
> > Homosexuals, including Lesbians of course, ALSO have a particular attraction
> > to Genealogy. Often they realize they will never have any DESCENDANTS -- so
> > they look BACK to ANCESTORS for personal validation and affirmation.
> >
> > DSH

Unfortunately, for DSH, this assertion that homosexuals and lesbians
are incapable of having children is not only factually incorrect, but
is an ignorant but widely held misconception (to pardon the pun).

There have been many closetted homosexual men and women over the years
who marry under family and peer pressure to have children, only later
to divorce and take on lives that suited their particular natural
instincts. There are also gays and lesbians who are parents by the
artificial insemination, or whereby semen is given by gay men to
lesbian friends who go on to concieve and have familes. Whether this is
seen as moral or amoral is a decision of emotion. They conceieve, and
that's a fact.

> I suppose you come under this category, eh?

I hope he doesn't come under anything except his own name. That is
enough shame as it is.


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