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From: "La N" <>
Subject: Re: Stockdill Tells Us He Is A Bastard
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2006 22:41:38 GMT

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>>>>> btw, I didn't "pretend" to be objective. I'm here to learn. I expect
>>>>> more quality - ergo more intelligent - discourse - from people I
>>>>> like,
>>>>> such as you, Grey. Often I'm let down as such because it melts down
>>>>> into the "I hate [the other side]" rhetoric. And, even if I'm not so
>>>>> "objective", why don't you tell me where I'm wrong instead of
>>>>> insulting
>>>>> me and making snide comments about me in the third person to others?
>>>>> What "nonsense" did I pander to?
>>>>> The "refereeing" was meant to be fun. But you guys take Usenet
>>>>> waaaaay
>>>>> too seriously.
>>>>> Oh well, my mama always said ... among friends you just don't argue
>>>>> politics or religion ...%)
>>>>> btw, Hippo has a much thicker hide than you do. And I have a pretty
>>>>> thick skin too. Whatever you need to say to me you can say to me
>>>>> directly instead of your ongoing snide remarks to others.
>>>> They do take it too seriously. So do I at times. You are welcome to
>>>> kick
>>>> me in the fanny when I do.
>>> I'll do that! I bet it would be like kicking a fluffy pillow! ... :)
>>> One thing I do really feel sorry about is if I think I've hurt
>>> somebody's
>>> feelings, or if somebody really feels hurt by what I said. Anger I can
>>> take. Frustration. Disagreement. But, "hurt"? I feel like sh*t,
>>> especially when it's somebody I like, for instance Grey.
>>> I can't say it enough. TAKE WHAT I SAY WITH A GRAIN OF SALT! What I
>>> have to say isn't all that important anyway! Geeze ....
>> It depends what their investment is. Usenet is a distraction for me. I've
>> just fed 14 people (5 soldiers, 4 kids from school, 1 kid on suspension,
>> and 4 adults) breakfast. For others it has become their lives. Men, too,
>> are naturally competitive, which can get in the way of light
>> conversation.
>> It's probably why many women have been driven off of Usenet.
> You're right about women for the most part being driven off of Usenet. It
> *has*, for the most part become a man's game. However, since I prefer the
> camaraderie of men to the catty coterie of women, I tend to dig in my
> heels,
> plug my nose at appropriate times, and take the insults with a grain of
> salt. When I refer to the cattiness of women btw, I don't mean *all*
> women.
> There are some smart, witty, intelligent women who participate from time
> to
> time - in fact, I'd say the remaining women who participate in these
> x-posts
> fit that category - they don't participate often enough. Probably because
> they have even less patience than I have with the male dick sizing
> contests
> that occur. One of my f*ing pet peeves is the long LONG LONG childish
> flame
> wars between the usual suspects, almost always men.
Ay, mi muy estimado hipopotamo voluptuoso! It is almost 4:00 p.m. PST in
my part of canuckistan, with potentially many more hours of fighting and
flaming and
feather fluffing in this world we call Usenet; but I think I've just about
had my limit of boys behaving badly!

Between threats of subpoenas and lawsuits for slander, participants
*plonking* each other and yet still talking about their plonkees as indirect
asides to 3rd parties, variations of "I'm a man, you're not .... No, you're
not a man, my friend is twice the man you are ..... ", the angry anti-Bush
team on the left vs. the angry anti-anti-Bush crew on the right. Guys
playing usenet shrinks, directing usenet enemies to psychologists when
they're not telling them they're a waste of skin, or wouldn't be missed if
they were dead. The lowest of the low was the one who denigrated the
appearance and work of his opponent's wife who has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do
with anything on Usenet.

I can see why wimmin wash their hands of the whole thing. It almost makes
me want to become lesbian ... %)

Hips, if there's one thing I/we can take out of this, it is ..... let
someone special know you love them and give them a hug; in your case, it
might be the dog ... but just the same ......%).

Sushi and a cocktail beckon *moi* and hopefully soon a call from someone I
love ....

- nilita

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