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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Subject: Re: Stockdill Tells Us He Is A Bastard
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 00:27:05 +0100


Stockdill Tells Us He Is A Bastard -- Literally...

Well, No Surprises There, Victoria.

See Below...



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""Roy Stockdill"" <> wrote in message

> Thought I would post the following, just to show that hypocrisy certainly
> does not reign here entirely. I am a current living person (though my
> wife says she sometimes has her doubts!).
> I was born on 4th July 1940 at 217 Horton Lane, Bradford, Yorkshire. In
> fact, though the address on my birth certificate looks like a private
> home, it was in fact St Luke's Hospital where probably half the
> population of the city of Bradford was born in those days. However, up
> to about 1927/8 it had formerly been the Bradford Union Workhouse and
> for donkeys years afterwards the local registrars apparently thought
> there was some kind of stigma attached to it, thus they only put the
> street address. You see, there was absurd over-sensitivity even in those
> days.
> My father was Leonard Stockdill, an engineer's clerk at the time who
> later became a publican. My mother was Molly Midgley and they weren't
> married when I came along because my dad was still legally married to,
> though separated from, his first wife.
> My birth wasn't actually registered until the following January 1941,
> which meant my parents technically committed a criminal offence, since
> births are supposed to be registered within 42 days. However, there was
> a war on and I expect they were too busy to think about it. They
> eventually married in the October of 1942 when my father's divorce had
> come through.
> So I was born illegitimate in a former workhouse, my parents committed
> an offence by registering my birth outside the permitted time and they
> weren't married until some two years and three months after I was born.
> Why should I worry about telling the world this? Oh - and, BTW, anyone
> thinking of ripping off my bank account now that they know my mother's
> maiden name would be wasting their time because I don't use it as the
> password.
> There - why some people feel that having such knowledge made public
> is an invasion of their privacy will remain a bit of a mystery to me, I'm
> afraid. But there are lots of sensitive little souls around, I suppose.

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