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Subject: William de Fresney, father-in-law of Robert Aguillon
Date: 22 Sep 2006 11:37:04 -0700

In 2001, Chris Phillips and other posted a detailed reconstruction of
the Aguillon family, showing inter alia that the younger Robert
Aguillon married Margery, daughter and coheir of William de Fresney,
and left four daughters and coheirs, each married by 1239.

These daughters and coheirs were:

1. Isabella, wife of Robert de Cokefield
2. Joan, wife successively of Ralph Fitz Bernard, and then Imbert
3. Margery, wife of Giles Argentein
4. Eka, wife of Thomas de Poynings

Margery de Fresney had a sister, Idonea, who married Robert de la

In 2003, Patricia Junkin contributed some details of P.R.O. deeds in
connection with the de Bosco family. These shed some further light on
William de Fresney, father of Idonea de la Beche and Margery Aguillon:

E 40/3439 Grant by Robert de la Beche and Idonea his wife, daughter of
William de Frethnei, to the nuns of Saint Mary of Wix (Essex) in frank
almoin, of all the land that William de Fretheni essarted in Swineland
[Swilland], and a tenement in the same place; witnesses included Robert

E 40/3691 Grant by William de Fraxineto [i.e. de Fresney] to the nuns
of St Mary's, Wix, in frank almoin, for the souls of himself and his
mother Christiana, of all the essart he made in Swineland and the
tenement of Reginald de Bosco and others there; 3s per annum to be
devoted to clothing the nuns.

We see here that William de Fresney (also called Frethnei and
Fraxineto) was the son of a Christiana.

Further clues about his parentage may be provided in the following
additional P.R.O. deeds:

E 210/7655 Quitclaim by William de Fraxino, son of Osmund de Fraxino,
to Battle Abbey in respect of a wood in Brightwalton, Berkshire

E 326/3767 Grant by William de Frene to Michael de Beche of land by
Eversolle which he had of the abbot of Battle in exchange for land
beneath Linoch; witnesses by the Dean of Brightwalton.

While the identitifaction is uncertain, it is interesting to note that
the de la Beches were also a Berkshire family (Swallowfield).

William had a brother, Robert, as evidenced in this deed:

E 40/770 Confirmation by William, abbot of Albemarle, to Idonea,
prioress, and the nuns of St Mary of Wix; witnesses: William de
Fraxino, Robert his brother (Essex).

I would also like to offer a speculation - nothing more than this -
about his mother Christiana. A further deed in connection with Wix (E
40/29) records the grant of property by one Duncan de Lascelles and
Christiana his wife to Wix Priory, in exchange for land granted by
Christiana, daughter of Ralph de Windsor (the de Windsor were the
founders of Wix Priory). Could this latter be the mother of William de
Fresney? A descent from the de Windsors would explain why a Berkshire
man would have an interest in an Essex priory.

Michael Andrews-Reading

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