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Subject: Re: William de Fresney, father-in-law of Robert Aguillon
Date: 23 Sep 2006 00:27:10 -0700
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> Who is "William the Lord" whose death is referred to in the earlier
> charter? Can anyone identify this Robert de Hastings, son of Robert &
> Helewise?

To complicate matters, Domesday Descendants has:

Willelm de Hastings, son of Robert fitz Walter, lord of Little Easton.
his wife Helewise de Guerres he had issue Robert of Hastings, William
Hastings, Ralph of Hastings, Alexander and John (Ancient Deeds, A.

Thus we have:

1. Robert fitz Walter [whichever Walter this was], Lord of Little
Easton. Perhaps married a daughter of Walter Fitz Other de Windsor;
called Robert de Windsor. Issue:

2. William, called de Hastings; married Helewise de Guerres and had

3a. Robert de Hastings
3b. William de Hastings
3c. Ralph de Hastings
3d. Alexander
3e. John

Could the transcription of E 42/301 be incorrect is making Helewise and
Robert de Hastings the wife and son & heir of Robert rather than of
William fitz Robert?

Thus, we may be considering that Ralph de Windsor is to be equated with
Ralph de Hastings.

Some further PRO deeds:

E 40/784: Grant by Ranulf son of Gerard, to Ralph de Hastings, of the
land of Cochenheie and Fogeleslonde, to be held as Alexander de Walia,
Ranulf's uncle, formerly held them, paying 13s. 4d. yearly. If Ranulf
or his heirs give five marcs or more as a relief from their land, Ralph
or his heirs shall give 10s. if less than five marcs, they shall give
half a marc. If Ranulf makes his eldest son a knight, Ralph will give
3s. towards it, and 2s. towards marrying the eldest daughter, &c.,
Witnesses:- Robert de Hastings, Peter de Kerteling, Maurice de
Dodenalle, William de Spineto, and others (named). Essex

[Who is this Ranulf son of Gerard, described as nephew of Alexander de
Walia - presumably to be equated with Alexander de Waham?]

E 42/389: Wix Nunnery (Idonea, prioress) to Ralph de Hasting, their
patron: Grant of the chapelry held by his predecessors in his court of
Wix: [Essex]

E 40/492: Release by James the Clerk of Faierstede, to Ralph de
Hastings, of all his lands in Faierstede, for four marcs and for the
land of Smethedale, with the messuage of that land in Faierstede.
Witnesses:- Robert and John de Hastings, William Carbunel, William, son
of Robert de Hastings, Aelard de Graveni, Master Roger de Clare, Roger
de Raimes, Peter de Ramesia, and others (named). Essex

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