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From: paul bulkley <>
Subject: Kendal, Gospatric, Samlesbury
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 09:05:13 -0700 (PDT)

The identification of the individuals mentioned in the
Charters of Gospatric (son) Orm and Holm Cultran are
as follows:

1174: Gospatric (son) Orm makes grant with consent of:

(1) Thomas (son) (heir) of Gospatric.
(2) Alan (son) of Thomas.

1174: Robert A/D Carlisle (1156-1180) recites that
Adam the clerk has quitclaimed to Holm Abbey:

(1) Adam was the son of Gospatric and brother of

About 1200: Adam (son) Gospatric parson of Camerton,
after controversy with Holm Abbey re tithes and land
of chapel of Flemingby quitclaims.

(1) I do not imagine that the second quitclaim is out
of the ordinary. Agreements relating to property
grants were vague in general, and must have often
created misunderstanding. Perhaps Adam thought he
could continue netting fish on Sundays?

Adam at about 1200 would have been about 70 years of
age - an opportune time to clean up shop.

As mentioned before there is ample evidence to
ascertain the approximate life span of Gospatric (son)
of Orm. Using the above 1174 Charter, deduct three
generations at 21.25 years per generation, and the
birth date is about 1110 - say 1106 to 1114.

It should be noted that the Kendal family continued
their generosity to Holm Abbey:

1185/1189 Thomas (son) Gospatric (by desire of his
wife) grants fee farm to Holm Abbey 32A Seton and rent
for Waitecroft.
1185/1189 Greda (wife) Thomas quitclaims 32A at
Ayregile (West Seton)
Before 1201 Thomas (son) Gospatric with consent of
wife Grecia grants 8A of Seton to Abbey Holm on

1201 Thomas (son) Gospatric recorded to have died.

(Register of Holm Abbey)

Sincerely Yours,

Paul Bulkley

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