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From: paul bulkley <>
Subject: Kendal, Gospatric, Samlesbury
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 09:41:06 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Dix Preston:

Regarding your information:

RE: Osulf (son) Orm (son) Ketel:

I could not find any evidence to support that there
was an Osulf in Flimby, that his title was lord of
Flimby, that he was a son of Orm, or that he was even
related to Orm.

This evidence is important because there are a number
of documentary records that establish that Orm
inherited the Seton and Flimby estates through
Waltheof Dunbar, and that Gospatric Orm's son, and
Thomas his grandson subsequently held the Flimby

RE: Osulf of Preston Richard:

I had no success finding any evidence that this Osulf
was a son of Orm, was related to Orm, or had any
connection with Flimby. It could be inferred a
possible relationship if this Osulf held family
property at Preston Richard, but it could in turn be
argued that this stranger simply acquired the

The Harrington and Preston Family claim that Osulf
settled in Cumberland during the reign of Richard Ist
(1189/1199)could be correct. However Osulf (son) Orm
would have been 90 to 100 years of age!

RE: Adam (son) Orm (son) Ketel:

You quote as evidence the "Release by Roger son of
Adam son Osulf to the canons of ------------ the
territory of Caton???"

There is no way of identifying Adam brother of this
Osulf, no date is revealed, the priory or abbey not
mentioned, and the location a mystery. Regret I do
not understand how you can consider Adam to be a son
of Orm.

RE: Michael, Robert, Roger (sons) Orm (son) Ketel:

You quote Bob and Joy Salt for your source of
information. What evidence have they to support their
claims? The only success I have establishing their
possible existence is the Register St Bees Surtees
#126. Thereafter they just vanished.

Can you assist?

Sincerely Yours,

Paul Bulkley

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