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Subject: Re: Kendal, Gospatric, Samlesbury
Date: 15 Oct 2006 10:01:06 -0700
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Dear Alex:

You are correct Roland & Thomas son of Gospatric were 2nd cousins.

However, if you are refering to Oram's "Lordship of Galloway" P202. as
provided by Paul Bulkley, then we are dealing with Thomas FitzPatric
the grandson of Thomas son of Gospatric.

"------- 1180's to the south of Urr lay Colvend the
possession of Roland's second cousin Thomas Fitz
Patric Lord of Workington. His family later acquired
the designation of "de Culwen". To his brother Gilbert
came the lordship of neighboring "Southwick">>>

This is confusing. Thomas FitzPatric is Gospatric's ggs. While he had
a brother Gilbert who became his heir upon Thomas FitzPatric's death,
Gilbert de Southwic was brother of Thomas son of Gospatric. The only
way Thomas FitzPatric could be second cousin to Roland is if Thomas son

of Gospatric married a de Culwen heiress as suggested by Ragg below.
The other option, which is pure speculation, comes about if Roland was
in possession of Colvend in the 1180's he may have given his
daughter, unnamed, in marriage to Patric son of Thomas son of
Gospatric. Patric's wife has never been named. However, then Thomas
FitzPatric would be grandson of Roland. This speculation appears
unwarranted! It appears Thomas son of Gospatric married a Culwen
heiress who may have been Grace and Amabel/Amabilis was their daughter
according to Ragg below. This makes JF Curwen's 1725 pedigree re two
wives incorrect.


Dix Preston

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