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From: "ElGaucho" <>
Subject: Re: Most Brits Are Actually Spanish
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2006 07:43:46 -0700
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"The Highlander" <> wrote in message

> As for my teeth, they were kicked out years ago, so that's no big
> deal. I'll even demonstrate the famous Glasgow Kiss for you!

No need to demonstrate how hard-heided you are. I ken the salute verra well,
mo charaid. Got it a few times, gave a few times -remember I said I used to
play soccer..and Austr rules with fellows like you?? But if you want a
'kiss', sure thing!! Right now, later, tomorrow.. anytime,
travelling, of course. A kiss, and let's see where that long tongue of
yours ends up. Gaelic and all.

Let's go Mac, loser buys the beer.

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