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From: "John Brandon" <>
Subject: Clue to Overton-Huitt/Hewitt family connections
Date: 26 Oct 2006 12:00:25 -0700

*For the back story, see my posting from April of this year:

The wife of American immigrant Rev. Ephraim Hewitt/ Huett of
Connecticut is said to be one Isabel Overton, daughter of Rev.
Valentine Overton of Bedworth, Warwickshire. The following source also
shows he was an archdeacon of Derby ...

The extracted IGI for Solihull, Warwickshire, shows the following
baptisms (no father listed):

Elizabethe Overton, bapt. 5 Nov. 1592
Richarde Overton, bapt. 14 July 1594
Isabell Overton, bapt. 1 May 1596
Valentine Overton, bapt. 7 June 1597

I wonder if Valentine Overton had been at Solihull for a short time
before serving at Bedworth. (Solihull was the home parish of New
England settler Edmond Hawes, as well).

See also ...

The notion that Rev. Ephraim Hewitt married into the Overton-Clarke
circle of ministers is not far-fetched on the face of it. See the
following Google Books link that shows Ephraim Huitt wrote a pamphlet,
the dedication being finished for him (after he was in New England) by
William Overton, Samuel Clarke, and Simeon Ashe.

Katherine, daughter of Valentine Overton, was wife of Rev. Samuel
Clarke, and famous as an intensely religious woman among the Puritans.
Her biography is found in Thomas Gibbons' _Memoirs of Eminently Pious
Women_. Gibbons states that her mother's maiden name was "Isaverton,"
which might be questioned, based on how closely it resembles "Overton"
(as well as the fact that I do not find it at all in the IGI). Further
down, however, there is possibly a valuable clue to the family
connections of the Isaverton-Overtons: "When she [Catherine] was about
seventeen years old, she was sent by her parents to Siwell, in
Northamptonshire, to wait upon a young lady who was somewhat related to
her." On the next page, we hear from Catherine herself that her
mistress was a "'gentlewoman ... the only daughter of Sir W. W.'"

So who was Sir W. W. living at Siwell, Northamptonshire, circa 1620?

N.B. Rev. Samuel Clarke's wife was another of Valentine Overton's
daughters ...

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