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Subject: Re: More Kinsfolk: Hugues de Thouars, kinsman of Alice, Countess of Eu
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 07:28:20 +1100
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Hugues and Alice are at least fifth cousins.
Leo van de Pas

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Subject: More Kinsfolk: Hugues de Thouars, kinsman of Alice, Countess of Eu

> Dear Newsgroup ~
> The abstracts of the online Ancient Petitions on the National Archives
> website are proving to be a veritable goldmine of helpful new
> information for medieval families. I've copied below an abstract of a
> petition to the king from a certain "H. de Thoart" dated c. 1220-1222
> on behalf of his kinswoman, Alice, Countess of Eu. Alice, Countess of
> Eu, is perhaps better known to newsgroup members as the mother of Maud
> of Eu, wife of Humphrey de Bohun (died 1275), Earl of Hereford,
> hereditary Constable of England.
> "H. de Thoart" is not identified in the petition itself, but I feel
> reasonably certain that he is the same person as the contemporary
> Hugues de Thouars, seigneur of Montaigu, who died c. 1229/30. Hugues
> de Thouars was near related to the then King Henry III of England, as
> Hugues' grandmother, Agnes of Poitou, was a great-aunt to King Henry's
> grandmother, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. Also, Hugues de Thouars was
> brother of Guy de Thouars, the third husband of Constance, Duchess of
> Brittany. Even though with such prominent ancestry, I'm unable to
> explain how Hugues de Thouars is near related to Alice, Countess of Eu.
> Comments are invited.
> Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah
> + + + + + + + + +
> Source:
> SC 8/270/13494
> Scope and content
> Petitioners: H. de Thoart.
> Addressees: King and council.
> Places mentioned: Tickhill, [West Riding of Yorkshire].
> Other people mentioned: Henry III, King of England; [Alice], Countess
> of Eu; Ralph, son of the Countess of Eu; [Robert] de Veteri Ponte
> (Vespont).
> Nature of request: Thoart makes a request on behalf of his kinswoman,
> the Countess of Eu, in her business with Robert de Veteri Ponte
> concerning the castle of Tickhill, asking the King to order his
> bailiffs that she is not to be harassed or injured by de Veteri Ponte,
> and that she and Ralph her son are not to be disinherited.
> Endorsement: [None].
> Covering dates [1220-1222]
> Note: Despite the bewildering range of dates with evidence given in the
> guard note on the dorse of this petition ranging from c. 1219 to before
> 1244, it seems very likely that this petition actually dates to the
> period 1220-1222 as it is noted in the Complete Peerage that Alice,
> Countess of Eu was impleaded for the castle and vill of Tickhill by
> Robert de Vespont and Idoin his wife in 1220, and that they released
> their claim by fine in the octave of the Purification in 1222 (Complete
> Peerage, vol. V, pp.163-4).
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