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Subject: Re: Americans Need Another Wake-Up Call
Date: 18 Jan 2007 19:24:40 -0800
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And what does the Constitution have to say about medieval genealogy?

. . . . I thought not.

Sarah Krans wrote:
> HUH?! Establishing a state religion (as we see in England) and allowing
> absolutely no mention of anything religious ('r' not 'R') in anything have
> to do with government is NOT the same thing. The present interpretation of
> 'separation of church and state' (which, as a side note, those words are NOT
> used as a phrase in the Constitution) actually VIOLATES the First Amendment!
> Think about that one!
> I'll also remember that the Federal Government CANNOT make any laws but
> those expressly stated in the Constitution. Oh wait, the federal government
> doesn't! They just use coersion to get what they want!
> Oh, and what about the little thing that no body other than the federal
> government (ie US Treasury) is allowed to print money. Take a look at the
> bills in your wallet. They state "Federal Reserve Bank" on them which is a
> PRIVATE bank - owned actually by MANY foreign governments.
> Try actually reading the Constitution and then looking at our government's
> actions. They really aren't all that in line with each other!

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