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From: "Peter Stewart" <>
Subject: Re: Americans Need Another Wake-Up Call
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 08:28:38 GMT
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"taf" <> wrote in message
> And what does the Constitution have to say about medieval genealogy?

Nothing directly, of course, any more than the wills and other records of
Colonial immigrants have to say about it that are constantly under
discussion here.

But without the Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom from the 1st
Amendment some of those immigrants would never have arrived, and for that
matter the Mormons would never have flourished, so that there would be many
less people in the USA researching medieval genealogy, with less resources
to help them.

The underpinnings of American national life are not exactly irrelevant to
this newsgroup, although the current understanding of this subject may be
stretching things. So sue me.

Peter Stewart

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