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From: "John P. Ravilious" <>
Subject: Re: Pure English Royalty
Date: 18 Feb 2007 17:34:43 -0800
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Dear Will,

There likely are other candidates that others will put forth.

Two I can identify, using your great-grandparents test (and
assuming the House of Gwynedd, or Aberffraw, in Wales meets your
'Royals' test) are Sir Edward Hastings of Elsing (b. bef 22 May 1382;
d. 6 Jan 1436/7) and his first wife, Muriel Dinham (d. bef 1 Jul
1427). The latter is predicated upon the identification by Doug
Richardson of the mother of Margaret de Monthermer, Baroness
Monthermer (d. 24 Mar 1394/5, wife of John de Montagu, Lord Montagu of
Wark) as Margaret de Braose, daughter of Piers de Braose of Tetbury,
Gloucs. and his wife Agnes.



On Feb 18, 7:36 pm, wrote:
> Who is the earliest known person, where every one of their great-grandparents
> has an English (or British) Royal ascent?
> That is, each of their great-grandparents ascends to some Monarch of England?

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