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Dear Hans,

Following is the descent I show from Harold II Godwinsson to
Isabel of Aragon. Of course, if there is any question or added
documentation relevant to any generation, I'd be most interested.




1 Harold Godwinsson
Death: 14 Oct 1066, Battle of Hastings[1]
Occ: King of England 1066
Father: Godwin Wulfnothsson (-1053)
Mother: Gytha Thorgilsdotter

Earl [Ealdorman] of Wessex, and chief supporter of King Edward 'the

made King after Edward's death, coronation 6 Jan 1066
defeated Harald Haardrade of Norway (and his brother Tostig) at
Bridge, 25 Sept 1066
Marched to Hastings, where he was defeated and slain by
William the Conqueror, 14 Oct 1066[1]

Associated with: Edith 'of the Swan-Neck'

Children: Gytha

Other Spouses Ealdgyth of Mercia

1.1 Gytha Haroldsdotter

illegitimate daughter
fled from England to the court of Sweyn Estrithsson, King of
Denmark in 1066 following her father's defeat and death at
Hastings; thence to Russia

m. to Vladimir in 'mid-1070's' acc. to Andrew S. Kalinkin[2],
citing the Full Collection of Russian Chronicles

identified as daughter of Harold Godwinsson, incl. evidently
Moriarty, 'Descent from Harold Godwinson', The American
Genealogist 33 (Jul 1957), 188 [ref. provided by John P. DuLong]

Spouse: Vladimir 'Monomakh', Grand Duke of Kiev
Birth: 1053[3]
Death: 19 May 1125[2]
Father: Vsevolod of Kiev (ca1030-1093)
Mother: [probable] NN 'Monomachos' (-1067)
Marr: bef 1076

Children: Mstislav-Harold (1076-1132)

1.1.1a Mstislav-Harold of Kiev*
Birth: 1076[2]
Death: 15 Apr 1132[2]
Burial: Church of St. Fyodor, Kiev[2]

Grand Duke of Kiev 1125-1132

prince of Novgorod 1097-1125

Spouse: Christina of Sweden
Death: 18 Jan 1122[2]
Father: Inge Stenkilsson of Sweden (-1111)
Mother: Helena
Marr: ca 1095[2]

1.1.1b Mstislav-Harold of Kiev* (See above)

Spouse: Lyubava (?) [another wife, or concubine]

Children: Euphrosyne (-1176)

1.1.1b.1 Euphrosyne of Kiev
Death: 1176

' Eufrosina, dau.of Great Prince Mstislav II of Kiev '[4]

possibly daughter of Lyubava Savidich
[according to Todd A. Farmerie, Euphrosyne was not the daughter
of Christina of Sweden]

Spouse: Geza II, King of Hungary
Death: 1160
Father: Bela II of Hungary (-1141)
Mother: Helena of Serbia (->1146)
Marr: 1146[4]

Children: Stephen III (1147-1172)
Bela III (-1196)

1.1.1b.1.1a Bela III of Hungary*
Death: 23 Apr 1196[4]
Occ: King of Hungary 1173-1196

sent to Constantinople under treaty of 1164 [under which he was
recognized as

In 1167, the Byzantine Emperor Manuel planned
'... to marry prince Bela, who had been given the name of Alexius in
Constantinople, to his daughter and to make him his heir, thus
the union of Hungary with the Empire... However, the birth of a son
[1168] compelled the Emperor to abandon this plan which had roused
opposition in Constantinople, but he succeeded in placing his
Bela-Alexius on the Hungarian throne after the death of Stephen II,
in this way secured his influence in Hungary. ' [Ostrogorsky, p. 388]

he m. lstly Anne of Chatillon (or, Antioch),
2ndly Margaret of France

Spouse: Anne de Châtillon
Birth: 1154
Death: 1184
Father: Reynald de Châtillon (-1187)
Mother: Constance of Antioch (1127-1163)
Marr: 1168

Children: Imre (-1204)
Andrew II (-1235)

Other Spouses Margaret of France

1.1.1b.1.1a.1a Andrew II of Hungary*
Death: 21 Sep 1235[6],[7],[4]
Occ: King of Hungary 1201-1235

King of Hungary

he m. lstly Gertrude of Meran,
2ndly Yolande de Courtenay

Spouse: Gertrude of Meran
Death: 8 Sep 1213, murdered in Pilis forest[6],[7],[4],[8]
Father: Berthold IV, duke of Meran (-1204)
Mother: Agnes von Groitzsch (-1195)
Marr: bef 1203[6],[4]

Children: Bela IV (1206-1270)

1.1.1b.1.1a.1b Andrew II of Hungary* (See above)

Spouse: Yolande of Courtenay [2nd wife]
Death: 1233[4]
Father: Pierre de Courtenay (1155-1219)
Mother: Yolande of Flanders (-1219)
Marr: 1215[4]

Children: Yolande (-1251)

1.1.1b.1.1a.1b.1 Yolande of Hungary
Death: 12 Oct 1251, Huesca, Aragon[9]

Spouse: Jaime (James) 'el Conquistador' of Aragon
Birth: ca 1208[10]
Death: 27 Jun 1276, Valencia, Aragon[9],[10]
Father: Pedro II 'el Catolico' of Aragon (-1213)
Mother: Marie of Montpellier (<1182-1213)
Marr: 8 Sep 1235, Barcelona, Catalonia[9]

Children: Violante (ca1236-1300)
Constance (1239-ca1269)
Pedro III (1239-1285)
James (1243-1311)
Fernando (1245-1250)
Sancho (1246-ca1250)
Isabella (ca1247-1270)
Maria (1248-1267)
Sancho (1250-1275)
Leonora (ca1251-)

1.1.1b.1.1a.1b.1.1 Isabella of Aragon
Birth: ca 1247[11]
Death: 28 Jan 1270, Cosenza, Italy[9],[11]

1st wife

Spouse: Philip III 'le Hardi' of France
Birth: 1 May 1245, Poissy, France[9]
Death: 5 Oct 1285, Perpignan, France[9]
Father: Louis IX (St. Louis) of France (1214-1270)
Mother: Margaret of Provence (ca1221-1295)
Marr: 6 Jul 1262, Clermont, Auvergne[12]

Children: Louis (1265-1276)
Philip IV 'le Bel', King of France (1268-1314)
Robert (1269-)
Charles (1270-<1325), count of Valois

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On Feb 19, 3:20 am, "Volucris" <> wrote:
> Hello John,
> Can you schetch the descent from Harold II Godwinson to Isabel of
> Aragon. I can't remember having seen that before, though I have not
> not allways been around to read every contribution. I thought that
> Harold had sons who went to Norway in exile after 1066 and who may or
> may not have had offspring.
> With regards,
> Hans Vogels
> On 19 feb, 04:40, "John P. Ravilious" <> wrote:
> > Dear Michael,
> > Thanks for tossing your hat (crown ?) into the ring.
> > Two 'upgrades' I might note in the regal ancestry of Edward III's
> > g-grandparents:
> > 6. Isabel of Aragon <- Harold II Godwinsson (chronologically
> > closer than Alfred)
> > 8. Blanche of Artois <- gg granddaughter of Henry II of England
> > (also ggg granddaughter of King Stephen)
> > Cheers,
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