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Subject: Re: Pure English Royalty
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007 15:09:04 EST

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<< Can you schetch the descent from Harold II Godwinson to Isabel of
Aragon. I can't remember having seen that before, >>

Harold II Godwinson, King of /England/ d 1066
Gytha of /Wessex/ d 1125 at Kiev, married Vladimir II Monomakh, Grand Duke of
/Kiev/ d 1125
Mstislav I, Grand Duke of /Kiev/ b 1076 d 1132 m Lyubawa of /Novgorod/
Euphrosine of /Kiev/ b *possibly* in 1130 d bef 1186 m Geisa II, King of
/Hungary/ 1141-
Bela III, King of /Hungary/ 1173-96 b 1148 d 1196 m Agnes of
Andrew II, King of /Hungary/ 1205-35 b 1176 d 1235 m Yolande of /Courtenay/
James I, King of /Aragon/ 1213-76 m Yolande (Violante) of /Hungary/
Isabelle, Princess of /Aragon/

Will Johnson

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