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Subject: Re: European link to the Mongols
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2007 15:53:41 +1100
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It is a pity Rafal Prinke doesn't follow gen-med anymore. Several years ago
he told me that Ghenghis Khan's wife Borke had been kidnapped and when he
found her she was pregnant with nr.29 in your list. Ghenghis Khan deeply
loved Borke and treated the son as his own
Such a pity (that Ghenghis was not the father).

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> On Mar 5, 6:40 pm, joseph uphoff <> wrote:
>> taf wrote:
>> >On Mar 5, 12:15 pm, wrote:
>> >
>> >>What is the link between *any* European royal house to the Mongols?
>> >>Someone who is a historian and amateur genealogist suggested to me
>> that such
>> >>a link existed, I haven't yet run across it, and wonder if someone
>> has the
>> >>brief rundown of how it goes?
>> >
>> >
>> >I have seen two sets of claims. Basarab, the founder of the family
>> >which bore his name, was son of Thocomerius of Wallachia. This appears
>> >to be a rendering of the Cuman name Toktomer, and there was a Mongol
>> >princeling of this name lining in the Crimea at the time. This has
>> >led to the suggestion (I specifically recall it from Montcrieffe) that
>> >the Basarabs were of Mongol origin. I also recall there being some
>> >Russian nobility that married Mongols, and it has been claimed that
>> >Ivan the Terrible descended from them, but I don't recall the details.
>> >
>> One of Ivan's ancestors was a Mongol named Mamai, who was a khan of
>> the Golden Horde. However, he seems to have been a usurper who did
>> not descend from Genghis' family
> Using one of the suggestions, I've made a table showing how Prince
> William descends from Genghis Khan here
> Hopefully I have all the links correct. I was unsure about 25 to 29,
> that is, exactly how Thocomerius descends from Juchi Khan (d 1227)
> Appreciate any corrections.
> Will Johnson
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