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Subject: Re: Descents From Edward III For Sir Marmaduke Beckwith, 3rd Baronet
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2007 16:07:53 -0700
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Thanks for this very interesting post....a useful contribution to the group.

According to my data, Sir Marmaduke Beckwith, 3rd Baronet, has 21 lines of
descents from Edward III (plus one more if you include the line through the
Brackenburys of Sellaby). I'll have to do some further work to see which of
my descents are additions to those already mentioned. All of them, with the
exception of the possible line via Brackenbury, are through Mary Wyvill.

In answer to Don Stone's question, I show that Mary Johanna Somerset has 18
descents from Edward III, so Sir Marmaduke is apparently now in the lead in
this "race".

As to the Brackenbury connection, there is a pedigree of Brackenbury of
Sellaby in Joseph Foster's edition of the visitations of Durham, probably
from the 1575 visitation, which shows Henry Brackenbury and Anne Slingsby as
having a son George (d. sp) and a daughter Anne (living 1575), but no son
Francis (at least as of 1575). OTOH, there is an extracted record in the
IGI for Francis Brackenbury christened at Gainford, Durham, 25 Aug 1577, but
with no parents indicated - maybe the right person. According to Marshall's
guide, there is a Brackenbury pedigree in Surtees' Durham, 4:19-20 - I don't
have access to this and can't confirm that's the right family, but it's
worth pursuing.

As you note, PA3 fails to give any Edward III descents (or any Plantagenet
descents at all) for Sir Roger Beckwith, father of Sir Marmaduke. This is a
pretty significant omission, since Sir Roger has far more Plantagenet
descents than his wife Elizabeth Jennings - approximately 600 by my count as
opposed to 16 for her. [Faris's PA2 also omits these descents - but of
course PA3 was supposed to be MUCH more comprehensive! :-)]

Finally, an intriguing question: Sir Marmaduke's wife was Elizabeth, dau.
of William Brockenbrough and Mary Newman. Given the possible Brackenbury
ancestry behind Sir Maramaduke, I wonder if Brockenbrough is actually a
corruption of Brackenbury, making this a marriage of possibly close
relations - with perhaps further Plantagenet and Edward III descents.

I have a library visit planned for tomorrow and will investigate
'Adventurers of Purse and Person' .

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Subject: Descents From Edward III For Sir Marmaduke Beckwith, 3rd Baronet

> Sir Marmaduke Beckwith, 3rd Baronet, of Aldborough, Yorkshire
> (1687-1780), who became a settler in the colony of Virginia, may be
> the gateway ancestor to America with the most descents from Edward
> III. There are at least 10 from Joan Beaufort alone, with a very
> probable 11th one from her (Line K below), as well as possibly others
> (I need to track down more information on the Gascoignes of Sedbury -
> Line D below). Remarkably, though Sir Marmaduke Beckwith appears in
> PA3 (p. 413), none of his Edward III descents are given in that book.
> For anyone interested in this gateway, they are given below. I know
> from Leo's database that at least one Edward III descent is given in
> Roberts' RD600. If someone could let me know which one(s), I'd be
> grateful.
> The only source cited in PA3 for Sir Marmaduke Beckwith is
> 'Adventurers of Purse and Person' by J.F. Dorman, Volume 1 (2004), pp.
> 198-203. I haven't yet seen this book, but I intend to track it down,
> as I very much want to find out the story of how a Yorkshire Baronet
> became a Virginia merchant. If anyone knows of any other books or
> articles on this man, I'd love to know of them.
> Joan Beaufort, Countess of Westmorland (c.1379-1440), had 2 sons (H1 &
> J1) and 4 daughters (A1, D1, E1 & I1)
> A1) Elizabeth Ferrers, Lady Greystoke (1393-1434), who had
> A2) Ralph, 5th Lord Greystoke (c.1414-1487), who had (with C3 below),
> A3) Elizabeth Greystoke (d.c.1485) m. Thomas, 5th Lord Scrope of
> Masham (c.1430-1475), and had (with B4 below),
> A4) Elizabeth Scrope m. 2) Sir Ralph FitzRandall of Spennithorne (d.
> 1517), and had
> A5) Agnes FitzRandall of Constable Burton (d. 1533) m. Sir Marmaduke
> Wyvill, M.P. 1553, and had
> A6) Christopher Wyvill of Constable Burton (d. 1579) m. Margaret
> Scrope (see F5 below), and had
> A7) Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, 1st Baronet (1530-1617) m. Magdalen Danby
> (see B6 below), and had
> A8) Christopher Wyvill of Constable Burton (1562-1614) m. Jane
> Stapleton (see C8 below) and had
> A9) Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, 2nd Baronet (d. 1648) m. Isabel Gascoigne
> (see D11 below) and had
> A10) Mary Wyvill (d. 1646) m. Arthur Beckwith of Aldborough (d. 1642),
> and had
> A11) Sir Roger Beckwith, 1st Baronet (d. 1700) m. 2) 1681, Elizabeth
> Jennings (d. 1707), and had
> A13) Sir Marmaduke Beckwith, 3rd Baronet (1687-1780)
> B4) Margery Scrope (d. aft. 1531) m. 1493 Sir Christopher Danby of
> Thorpe Perrow (d. 1518), and had
> B5) Sir Christopher Danby of Thorpe Perrow (1503-1571) m. Elizabeth
> Nevill (see J4 below) and had
> B6) Magdalen Danby (c.1535-??) m. Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, 1st Baronet
> (see A7 above)
> C3) Sir Robert Greystoke (d. 1483) m. 1) Elizabeth Grey (see G3
> below), and had
> C4) Elizabeth Greystoke (1471-1516) m. Thomas, 3rd Lord Dacre
> (1467-1525), and had
> C5) Anne Dacre (d. 1548) m. Christopher, 2nd Lord Conyers (see H4
> below)
> C6) Jane Conyers (c.1525/30-1558) m. by 1550 Sir Marmaduke Constable
> of Everingham (see I5 below), and had
> C7) Katherine Constable (d.c. 1580) m. Sir Robert Stapleton of Wighill
> (c.1548-1606), and had
> C8) Jane Stapleton m. Christopher Wyvill (see A above)
> D1) Mary Ferrers, Lady Neville of Oversley (1394-1458), had
> D2) John Neville of Oversley (d. 1482), who had
> D3) Joan Neville m. Sir William Gascoigne (d. 1463), and had
> D4) Sir William Gascoigne (c.1450-1487) m. Margaret Percy (see E3
> below), and had
> D5) Sir William Gascoigne m. 1) Alice Frognall, and had
> D6) Henry Gascoigne, 3rd son, m. Isabel Boynton of Sedbury (d. 1545),
> and had
> D7) Henry Gascoigne of Sedbury, who had
> D8) Richard Gascoigne of Sedbury, who had
> D9) Sir John Gascoigne of Sedbury, who had
> D10) Sir William Gascoigne of Sedbury (d. 1641) m. Barbara Anderson,
> and had
> D11) Isabel Gascoigne of Sedbury m. 1611 Sir Marmaduke Wyvill, 2nd
> Baronet (see A9 above)
> E1) Eleanor Nevill, Countess of Northumberland (d. 1473), who had
> (with G2 below)
> E2) Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland (1421-1461), who had (with
> F3 below)
> E3) Margaret Percy m. Sir William Gascoigne (see D4 above)
> F3) Elizabeth Percy m. Henry, 6th Lord Scrope of Bolton (d. 1506), and
> had
> F4) John Scrope of Spennithorne (d. 1547) m. Phyllis Rokeby (d. 1576),
> and had
> F5) Margaret Scrope m. Christopher Wyvill (see A6 above)
> G2) Katherine Percy , Countess of Kent (1423-1504), who had
> G3) Elizabeth Grey (d. 1472) m. Sir Robert Greystoke (see C3 above)
> H1) William Nevill, Earl of Kent (d. 1463), and had
> H2) Alice Nevill (c.1437-14--) m. Sir John Conyers of Hornby (c.
> 1435-1469), and had
> H3) William, 1st Lord Conyers (1468-1524) m. Anne Nevill (descended
> from Edward III, but not thru Joan Beaufort), and had
> H4) Christopher, 2nd Lord Conyers (by 1503-1538) m. Anne Dacre (see C5
> above)
> I1) Cecily Neville, Duchess of York (1415-1495), who had
> I2) Anne of York (1439-1476) m. 2) Sir Thomas St. Leger, and had
> I3) Anne St. Leger (d. 1526) m. George Manners, Lord Ros, and had
> I4) Catherine Manners (d. aft. 1558) m. Sir Robert Constable of
> Everingham (by 1495-1558), and had (with A5 above),
> I5) Sir Marmaduke Constable of Everingham (d. 1574) m. Jane Conyers
> (see C6 above)
> J1) George Nevill, 1st Lord Latimer (c.1411-1469), who had
> J2) Sir Henry Nevill (d. 1469), who had
> J3) Richard Nevill, 2nd Lord Latimer (1468-1530), who had
> J4) Elizabeth Nevill (1500-15--) m. Sir Christopher Danby (see B5
> above)
> Here is the very probable additional line from Edward III. I need to
> track down a pedigree of Brakenbury of Sellaby, co. Durham, but the
> chronology of generations K9 and K10 below works very well.
> K1) Elizabeth Ferrers, Lady Greystoke (same as A1 above)
> K2) Anne Greystoke (d. 1477) m. Sir Ralph Bigod of Settrington
> (1410-1461), and had
> K3) Anne Bigod (d. 1531) m. William Conyers of Sockburn (d. 1490), and
> had
> K4) Anne Conyers (d. before 1522) m. abt 1492 Sir William Mauleverer
> of Wothersome (d. 1551), and had
> K5) James Mauleverer of Wothersome (d. 1524) m. 1510 Anne Wycliffe,
> and had
> K7) Jane Mauleverer (c.1511-aft. 1551) m. 2) c.1537 Peter Slingsby of
> Marton (in Boroughbridge), Yorks. (d. 1570), and had
> K8) Anne Slingsby (c.1540-1625) m. 2) by 1567 Henry Brakenbury of
> Sellaby (1528-1602), and had
> K9) Francis Brakenbury of Sellaby (c.1573-aft. 1630), who had
> K10) Susanna Brakenbury (aft. 1601-1670) m. Roger Beckwith of
> Aldborough (d. 1635), and had
> K11) Arthur Beckwith of Aldborough (d. 1642) m. Mary Wyvill (see A10
> above)
> Cheers, ------Brad
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