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From: Brad Verity <>
Subject: Descents From Edward III For Dr. William Brigham,Discoverer of Whittle Springs 1845
Date: 22 Apr 2007 17:23:47 -0700

The Brighams were a lesser East Riding gentry family whose chief
estate was the manor of Brigham in the parish of Foston. At the 1612
Visitation they claimed descent going back to the 12th century, and
provided an indenture that at least placed the family in the reign of
Edward III. None of the family heads appeared to take any major role
in county affairs, though about three of them received knighthood, the
most recent being Sir Ralph Brigham of Brigham in the early 16th
century. It was his grandson and namesake, Ralph Brigham (1583-1656),
who first married into the bloodline of Edward III when he took Mary
Cresswell as his wife. The other major holding of the Brighams was
the manor of Wyton in Holderness (East Yorkshire). Also in Holdrness
was the township of Nunkeeling, where Mary's father Ralph Cresswell
was seated. Cresswell was a firm Catholic and nonconformist, and as
the Brighams were as well, the union of the two families is easily
understood. Ralph Brigham's grandson John Brigham (1637-1710)
inherited the manor of Dunnington (in Beeford parish) from his
Creswell great-uncle in about 1672. The subsequent family continued
to not have any significant part in county affairs. Wyton was sold in
1767, and family head William Brigham (see A14 below) sold their
estate at Brigham and settled in Manchester.

His son and heir William Brigham, a Fellow of the Royal College of
Surgeons, moved to Foxley House in Lymm, Cheshire. In 1845, while on
a walk with a friend in the Whittle area of Chorley, Lancashire, Dr.
Brigham drank from spring water bubbling up from old coal workings,
recognized its carbonated alkali content, and worked hard to promote
the medicinal quality of the water. The resulting spa, Whittle
Springs, became one of the most popular spas in Britain in the
mid-19th century. Dr. Brigham was able to buy some land back in
Brigham and erect a monument to the family's origins. His 7 descents
from Joan Beaufort are as follows.

Joan Beaufort, Countess of Westmorland (c.1379-1440), had 3 daughters
(A1, B1 & F1)

A1) Mary Ferrers, Lady Neville of Oversley (1394-1458), had
A2) John Neville of Oversley (d. 1482), who had
A3) Joan Neville m. Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe, Yorks. (d.
1463), and had
A4) Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe (c.1450-1487) m. Margaret Percy
(see B3 below),and had
A5) Elizabeth Gascoigne (d. 1559) m. by 1493 George Tailboys, 9th Lord
Kyme (c.1467-1538), and had
A6) Cecily Tailboys m. 1) William Ingleby of Ripley, Yorks., and had
A7) John Ingleby of Hutton Rudby, Yorks., 3rd son (d. 1608) m. 1) Anne
Clapham, and had
A8) Elizabeth Ingleby m. Ralph Cresswell of Nun Keeling, Yorks., and
A9) Mary Cresswell m. Ralph Brigham of Brigham, Yorks. (1583-1656),
and had
A10) William Brigham of Brigham and Wyton (1612-c.1670) m. Ursula
Langley, and had
A11) John Brigham of Brigham and Wyton (1637-1710) m. 1669 Mary
Meynell (see C11 below), and had
A12) Roger Brigham of Brigham and Wyton (d. 1729) m. 1711 Elizabeth
Charlton, and had
A13) John Brigham of Brigham and Crathorne (1724-1792) m. Anne
Metcalfe, and had
A14) William Brigham of Brigham, then Manchester (1759-1815) m. 1783
Sarah Cresswell (d. 1834), and had
A15) William Brigham of Foxley House, Cheshire (born 18 February 1792)

B1) Eleanor Nevill, Countess of Northumberland (d. 1473), who had
(with G2 below)
B2) Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland (1421-1461), who had (with
C3 below)
B3) Margaret Percy m. Sir William Gascoigne (see A4 above)

C3) Henry Percy, 4th Earl of Northumberland (1449-1489) m. 1472 Maud
Herbert, and had
C4) Henry Percy, 5th Earl of Northumberland (1478-1527) m. c.1490
Katherine Spencer (1477-1542, descendant of Edward III but not thru
Joan Beaufort), and had
C5) Lady Margaret Percy (c.1495-1540) m. 1513 Henry Clifford, 1st Earl
of Cumberland (c.1493-1542, descendant of Edward III but not thru Joan
Beaufort), and had
C6) Lady Katherine Clifford (1518-1598) m. 1) c.1530 John, 8th Lord
Scrope of Bolton (see D5 below), and had
C7) Elizabeth Scrope (c.1535-1620) m. c.1555 Thomas Pudsey of Barforth
(see G6 below), and had
C8) Winifred Pudsey (1570-1604) m. 1587 Thomas Meynell of North
Kilvington, Yorks. (1564-1653), and had
C9) Anthony Meynell of North Kilvington (1592-1669) m. 1613 Mary
Thwaites (d. 1669), and had
C10) Thomas Meynell of North Kilvington (1614-16-) m. 1637 Gerard
Ireland, and had
C11) Mary Meynell m. 1669 John Brigham of Brigham (see A11 above)

D3) Elizabeth Percy m. Henry, 6th Lord Scrope of Bolton (d. 1506), and
D4) Henry, 7th Lord Scrope of Bolton (c.1480-1533) m. 2) Mabel Dacre
(see E5 below), and had
D5) John, 8th Lord Scrope of Bolton (c.1515-1549) m. c.1530 Lady
Katherine Clifford (see C6 above)

E2) Katherine Percy, Countess of Kent (1423-1504), who had
E3) Elizabeth Grey (d. 1472) m. Sir Robert Greystoke (see F3 below),
and had
E4) Elizabeth Greystoke (1471-1516) m. 1487 Thomas, 2nd Lord Dacre
(1467-1525), and had
E5) Mabel Dacre (c.1490-aft. 1533) m. Henry, 7th Lord Scrope of Bolton
(seeD4 above)

F1) Elizabeth Ferrers, Lady Greystoke (1393-1434), who had (with G2
F2) Ralph, 5th Lord Greystoke (c.1414-1487), who had
F3) Sir Robert Greystoke (d. 1483) m. 1) Elizabeth Grey (see E3 above)

G2) Eleanor Greystoke m. Sir Ralph Eure of Witton Castle (d. 1461),
and had
G3) Sir William Eure of Witton (1440-1484) m. Margaret Constable, and
G4) Sir Ralph Eure of Witton (d. 1540) m. 2)1516 Agnes Constable, and
G5) Joan Eure (c.1516-15-) m. 1)1530 Henry Pudsey of Barforth
(1514-1533), and had
G6) Thomas Pudsey of Barforth (1531-1576) m. c.1555 Elizabeth Scrope
(see C7 above)

Cheers, ----------Brad

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