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From: Brad Verity <>
Subject: Descents From Edward III For Mary Appleby & Margaret Appleby Maire
Date: 1 May 2007 11:12:37 -0700

The Applebys were a Richmondshire squirearchy family whose seat was
Clove Lodge in the parish of Romaldkirk, 6 miles NW. of Barnard
Castle. Ambrose Appleby (d. 1649) was an attorney, and his office as
Yorkshire agent to Lord Cavendish (later Duke of Devonshire) was
lucrative enough that he was able to purchase two farms in 1640. He
followed his wife Mary Crompe into Catholicism and recusancy by 1636,
and their two sons Thomas Appleby (baptized at Romaldkirk 14 November
1619) and Francis Appleby (baptized at Romaldkirk 14 April 1622) were
ejected from Gray's Inn in London in 1638 for persistent non-
conformity. Ambrose left one of the purchased properties, Linton on
Ouse in the North Riding wapentake of Bulmer, to his elder son Thomas,
and the other property, Lartington Hall in the home parish of
Romaldkirk, to younger son Francis.

Both Appleby brothers were thus established enough to marry well, and
by 1650, each had married into Catholic (naturally) families of the
bloodline of Edward III. Thomas took for his wife Helen Gascoigne,
the third daughter of Sir Thomas Gascoigne, 2nd Baronet, of Barnbow,
Yorks., and Francis married a Durham lady, Margaret Salvin, daughter
of Gerard Salvin of Croxdale. By Helen Gascoigne, Thomas Appleby had
two daughters, Mary and Helen, on whom he settled much of his property
after his wife's death in 1656. Mary Appleby became a nun at the
Benedictine house in Paris, and had to return to Yorkshire to contest
her inheritance. Thomas had taken a second wife (not descended from
Edward III), and tried to re-settle his property on his children by
her. When Mary appeared, the family accused her of being an imposter
and she had to prove her identity thru a birthmark. She died a nun in
Paris on 9 January 1704. Her sister Helen Appleby married George
Ravenscroft. Thomas died in 1700 and his family from his second
marriage sold Linton on Ouse in 1708 and became extinct in the male
line in 1743. Mary Appleby's 2 lines of descent from Joan Beaufort
are given below.

Though Francis Appleby of Lartington, who died in 1663, had two sons
alive at the time of the family's 1665 Visitation - Francis Appleby
(baptized at Romaldkirk 21 April 1657) and Gerard Appleby (baptized at
Romaldkirk 30 August 1658) - both died shortly afterwards. The only
child of Francis to survive to adulthood was his daughter Margaret
Appleby (d. 1672), who married Thomas Maire, of Hardwick, co. Durham,
and inherited Lartington Hall. Margaret's 3 lines of descent from
Joan Beaufort are given below.

Joan Beaufort, countess of Westmorland (c.1379-1440) had one son (D1)
and two daughters (A1 & C1)

A1) Mary Ferrers, Lady Neville of Oversley (1394-1458), had
A2) John Neville of Oversley (d. 1482), who had
A3) Joan Neville m. Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe, Yorks. (d.
1463), and had
A4) Sir William Gascoigne of Gawthorpe (c.1450-1487) m. Margaret Percy
(see C3 below), and had (with B5 below)
A5) Elizabeth Gascoigne (d. 1559) m. by 1493 George Tailboys, 9th Lord
Kyme (c.1467-1538), and had
A6) Cecily Tailboys m. 1) William Ingleby of Ripley, Yorks., and had
A7) John Ingleby of Hutton Rudby, Yorks., 3rd son (d. 1608) m. 1) Anne
Clapham, and had
A8) Anne Ingleby (d. 1637) m. by 1594 Sir John Gascoigne, 1st Baronet,
of Barnbow (1556-1637), and had
A9) Sir Thomas Gascoigne, 2nd Baronet (1596-1686) m. Anne Symonds, and
A10) Helen Gascoigne (1639-1656) m. c.1650 Thomas Appleby of Linton on
Ouse (1619-1700), and had
A11) Mary Appleby (1651-1704), Benedictine nun in Paris

B5) Anne Gascoigne m. Sir Thomas Fairfax of Gilling (c.1476-1520), and
B6) Sir Nicholas Fairfax of Gilling (c.1499-1571) m. 1) Jane Palmes,
and had
B7) Margaret Fairfax m. by 1550 Sir William Belasyse of Henknoll
(1523-1604), and had
B8) Brian Belasyse of Morton House, co. Durham, 3rd son (1559-1608) m.
Margaret Lee, and had
B9) Mary Belasyse m. Gerard Salvin of Croxdale (see D7 below), and had
B10) Margaret Salvin m. c.1650 Francis Appleby of Lartington Hall
(1622-1663), and had
B11) Margaret Appleby (d.1672) m. Thomas Maire of Hardwick, co. Durham

C1) Eleanor Nevill, Countess of Northumberland (d. 1473), who had
C2) Henry Percy, 3rd Earl of Northumberland (1421-1461), who had
C3) Margaret Percy m. Sir William Gascoigne (see A4 above)

D1) George Nevill, 1st Lord Latimer (c.1411-1469), who had
D2) Sir Henry Nevill (d. 1469) m. Joan Bourchier (d. 1470, descended
from Edward III but not thru Joan Beaufort), and had
D3) Richard Nevill, 2nd Lord Latimer (1468-1530) m. 1)1483 Anne
Stafford, and had
D4) Susan Nevill (1501-15--) m. Richard Norton of Norton Conyers (c.
1498- 1586), and had
D5) Joane Norton m. Gerard Salvin of Croxdale, co. Durham (d. 1587),
and had
D6) Gerard Salvin of Croxdale (d. 1602) m. Anne Blakiston, and had
D7) Gerard Salvin of Croxdale (d. 1663) m. 2)Mary Belasyse (see B9

Cheers, ------Brad

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