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From: John Brandon <>
Subject: Re: Clues from Lists-Indexes, vol. 30 (Chancery Proc., Series II,1621-1660)
Date: 5 May 2007 13:16:45 -0700
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> As usual, none of these date-ranges is within the remit of this news-
> group. Could we have some on-topic posts from you once in a while,
> please (e.g. mediaeval genealogy) - or can you only re-type Stuart
> indexes about "laying water pipes"?- Hide quoted text -

Daniel Henchman was a New England settler; his wife was a descendant
of the ancient Rudhall and Milborne families in England. Just because
you are unaware of the significance of something, that doesn't mean it
has none.

"With what you don't know we could make a whole new world"--"Mary
Jenkins" [Marla Gibbs] on "227."

Even if I did manage always to be on-topic, I doubt it would fill me
with quite the self-satisfaction it evidently gives you.

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