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From: John Brandon <>
Subject: Re: Fw: Clues from Lists-Indexes, vol. 202 (Chanc. Proc. Supplement,Eliz. I)
Date: 16 May 2007 04:55:07 -0700
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> I make no claim to speak for anyone else, unlike Brandon, but I
> imagine Leslie might not be entirely displeased to have it known by
> the newsgroup that he no longer (if he once did) cares to communicate
> privately with such a reprobate.
> Peter Stewart

He got a number of good benefits out of it, I think (being able to
boast a little to someone presumably interested about articles of his
coming out). On the other hand, even though he had personally
inspected the St. Katherine-by-Tower parish register on microfilm in
Salt Lake City, I wasn't allowed to know the exact wording of the
Gifford-Temple marriage record, because he was going to write it up in
a note to be published, along with some other marriages. Two years
later, I mildly ask about this and find out he's no longer doing it!

Once I asked for a copy of a short article from TAG--but no, that was
too much trouble.

So it was all very one-sided.

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