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From: "Peter Stewart" <>
Subject: Re: Say hello to Larsy Boy
Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 22:32:31 GMT
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"Larsy" <> wrote in message
>> Pure unadulterated craziness.
> This was a bit rude, I suppose, but, hey, I go with my strengths.

The rudeness aside - that doesn't matter to me in the least - it was another
of your weaknesses on show: whenever you have nothing of substance to say in
you own defense, you resort to glib, inaccurate or utterly silly cop-outs
such as this remark.

>> > It is not the channel that identifies a poster, but a personal name.
>> > No-one ought to care if you live under this or only post to SGM with
>> > it. If you want to assume "Lars Friedan" as a pseudonym that is your
>> > own business, but if that is your choice from now on, and you are
>> > honest, you should sign this identifer to every post you make,
>> > whatever email address is used.
> I detect a bit of your own slightly shaky rationale behind this ("I do
> not post under my own name, but at least everything I post is under
> the _same_ name.") But really there's no reason not to post under
> both names, as far as I can see. I don't particularly like the Lars
> name, but had set it up last year and didn't succeed in changing it in
> Google (I tried).

Again, the only shaky rationale here is yours, implying with no basis in
evidence whatsoever that Peter Stewart is not my name. All of my responses
on this score are predicated on the simple fact that unacquainted newsgroup
participants cannot know for certain whether anyone, myself included, posts
here under their own name or a pseudonym, and IT DOES NOT MATTER as long as
readers are aware of which posts come from which individual poster, and they
are not misled or otherwise imposed upon by frauds hiding behind various

Making it known once that you now intend to call yourself Lars (with a
silent L, thankyou Michael), having created a fictitious profile on Google
giving the phoney surname Friedan, IN ADDITION to continuing here as John
Brandon is not sufficient to make this peculiar and very juvenile double
identification plain at all times to all readers.

Peter Stewart

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