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From: Peter Stewart <>
Subject: Re: Peter Stewart's Ancestry
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 16:54:51 -0700
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On Aug 13, 1:34 am, "D. Spencer Hines" <> wrote:
> "The discussion of this between us started from an interest in an ancestor
> of mine who was killed at Waterloo - i.e. in the 19th century."
> Hilarious! "AN interest in an ancestor of mine" -- NOT "MY interest in an
> ancestor of mine". HE has the interest in the ancestor NOT I.
> "This is the most remote ancestor I know about in any detail with the
> ability to recite off the top of my head by name all the linking persons
> between him and me. I have known these details since childhood - probably
> since about the age he would have attained at the turn of the 18th/19th
> centuries."
> NO. the Ancestor was 15 in 1800. Peter's childish interest came much
> earlier -- and lingers still.

Since Hines wants to play at quibbles over every last word, the
ancestor in question TURNED 15 in 1800, near the end of that year, on
6 December to be precise. I looked it up. So he was 15 for only 26
days in 1800.

I wonder if even Hines can tell off the top of his head the birthdates
and exact ages of a single ancestor at the same remove. Given the
comparatively rapid reproductive cycle of swine, that would have been
around 1980....

Peter Stewart

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