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From: "Peter Stewart" <>
Subject: Re: Peter Stewart's Ancestry
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 08:10:13 GMT
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"D. Spencer Hines" <> wrote in message
> 1. His fascination with the HORSES did Peter in....he HIMSELF told me so.
> 2. It's a fact -- no matter how much he may try to deny it on USENET.

But I have NOT tried to deny this - rather I denied that I have a hatred of
the animals. Anyone who knows me or about my life knows that I was a horse
breeder, and that I went broke doing it. No secret, no shame, and no rancour
about it. My own doing, my own fault, and my own business.

>> But I am descended several times over from Charles II, so that Henry
>> VII is not only quite irrelevant to my imagined pride but also not the
>> most recent sovereign in my ancestry. -- Peter Stewart
> [N.B. This from the pogue who says he has no interest in such descents.
> "I have vanishingly little genealogical interest in anyone who lived
> after around the mid-13th century..." -- Peter Stewart.]
> Hilarious!
> Hoist With His Own Petar!

Rubbish - I have an ancestor study showing three lines to two of Charles
II's bastard sons. This is not extremely common for people of Engliush
descent by any means, & is of barely vestigial interest to me: certainly
less than some other 17th century ancestry that I am aware of.

> 3. Of COURSE Peter has bastard descents from Charles II, that goes
> without
> saying -- and follows as the night the day.
> 4. Charles II had a whole flock of bastards -- 14 or so and NO
> legitimates -- and Peter can claim his fair share of said bastards sired
> by the Merrie Restoration Monarch.

"Of COURSE ..." So why the boring and irrelevant rant about Henry VII last
time round?

Do you want to build up a record score of points you have lost? So far in
all these recent threads you have not answered a single point in contention
between us, and yet every one of yours has been dealt with summarily and
comprehensively. Nothing is shown except your own deepening foolishness with
every new post and your wilful failure to understand plain English.

If you want some affirmation from a reader, why not ask straightforwardly if
ANYONE thinks you are holding your end up? Maybe Adrian "f. Wit"haker will
endorse you.

Peter Stewart

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