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From: Peter Stewart <>
Subject: Re: Peter Stewart's Ancestry
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 17:21:24 -0700
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On Aug 14, 9:52 am, "D. Spencer Hines" <> wrote:
> Peter has known the salient details of how he descends from this man,
> Frederick Howard [his 4th Great-Grandfather of childish, fantasized
> memory] ---- born in the 18th Century [1785] and killed at the Battle of
> Waterloo [1815] ---- since childhood and could recite them from memory in
> childhood -- memories that are NOW badly damaged, bruised and bollixed by
> the Anti-Seizure Drug Tegretol.

I said and repeat: I have known about this ancestor since learning of
him, as a child, at the same time as learning about the generations
between him and me that were not already known from infancy. His death
a Waterloo did then and does now interest me. When hines wanted to
know about this I had no difficulty in telling him, from memory. There
are no fantasies involved on my part. The memory is not degraded now
by any factor, medical or alcoholic, and was not in 2004. I have not
dissembled about this in any way, and there is nothing I could
possibly wish to hide: there is no conceivable disgrace in having an
ancestor who fought and died at Waterloo, or in remembering details
about this and about his descendants.

> He GLORIES in his connection to Queen Elizabeth [the deceased Queen Mother
> ([2002)] and gossips about his conversations with her -- as he clings to the
> Gilded Past and tries to forget his fallen, sharply reduced circumstances --
> financial, occupational, physical, material, sexual, and spiritual -- at
> present.

My past is no more "Gilded" in my memory than it was in reality. Queen
Elizabeth was never glorious - it is only the reigning monarch who is
supposed to be "happy and glorious". She was certainly happy on most
occasions, especially after lunch, and told many fascinating anecdotes
about her very interesting life, friends and acquaintances. Hines was
told a very few of these, most notably about Joe Kennedy and his hasty
removal from the United Kingdom in 1940. Nothing remotely glorious in
that, for anyone concerned, except maybe gloriously funny in the
telling by one of the participants in the immediate drama.

As for trying to "forget" my present life circumstances, that is more
patent nonsense, as is the notion that Hines could know (as opposed to
fantasise sickly) anything about my sexual and spiritual existence at
any time.

> The substance abuse doesn't help either...

This kind of self-abuse by Hines clearly doesn't help him.

Note that he deleted the entire post of mine that he was responding
to: for anyone who is reading this and missed his disastrous Freudian
slip at the very start of this thread, it is copied below.

Peter Stewart

"D. Spencer Hines" <> wrote in message

> Peter Stewart is lying about me and my Ancestry and about himself, what he
> has done, and his own Ancestry.

Here's the proof - Hines wrote "Peter Stewart is lying about me and
Ancestry": I had said NOTHING whatsoever about his ancestry, but he
obviously fantasising that my ancestors were somehow his own. That's
what he
is up to, trying be endless repetition to familiarise himself with a
individuals, with titles shinging bright in the miserable darkness of
wish-thinking that he inhabits, and hoping to co-opt them to his cause
not to his bloodline.

Not tragic, but grimly farcical.

Peter Stewart

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