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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Subject: Re: Peter Stewart's Ancestry
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 12:16:26 +1000

Psychobabble Writ Large -- By Peter Stewart...

Who is totally unqualified as a psychiatrist and has never even met me.


I simply stopped posting in or reading SGM because I had traced the lines I
wanted to trace and saw a sharp falloff in the quality of the posting
here -- the Law of Diminishing Returns had set in and I had far better
things to do in Hawai'i and points South, East and West -- as well as other
intellectual endeavors.

Of note:

Richard Smyth is reportedly an academic -- retired -- from the University of
North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Reportedly a Professor of Philosophy -- hence his previous reference to
Martin Heidegger -- the German Existentialist, among his contributions to
other fields.


Richard Smyth allegedly graduated from Yale College in 1955 and was a
resident of Branford College.

He's one of the folks here NOW who need help with various lines and figure
they can get a lot of gratis assistance from Peter Stewart.

So, they don't want to offend him.

We see cycles like this -- as we did with WAR, Paul Reed, Stewart Baldwin,
Laura Blanchard -- and some others.

They are here for a while "helping others" until they realize they are being
conned, get bored by the clueless, repetitive questions, lose interest and
move on -- or just drop in occasionally -- "to see how things are going."


"Peter Stewart" <> wrote in message

> An empirical answer to this has been given several times: Hines was ABSENT
> from SGM for a blessedly long stretch after a similar struggle from which
> he emerged fleeing with his tail between his legs. He stayed away,
> smarting because he wasn't really very smart. He came back to try again
> when he could no longer resist the venting of his intellectual
> frustrations and psycho-sexual obsessions, that he projects onto others
> hoping to gain an inward feeling of acceptability by ridiculing. He can
> only do this by blatant lies, but this has the side benefit for him of
> entrapping a few like Dolores who believe him and like Will who humour
> him.
> In contrast to this, in the previous 10 years or however long he had been
> harrassing people on SGM, he was NEVER driven away by silent contempt.
> Like many sociopaths, he doesn't have the self-awareness to realise that
> he even deserves this.
> Peter Stewart
> "Richard Smyth at UNC-CH" <> wrote in message
> news:...
>> Elizabeth:
>> Before you label yourself (and myself) as `moral delinquent', perhaps you
>> could clear something up for me. Stewart and at least one of the
>> list-managers seem to disagree about a question of empirical fact. The
>> question is which behavior is more effective in silencing trolls:
>> ignoring them or attacking them. I have absolutely no empirical
>> evidence that bears n this question. Do you?
>> In the absence of evidence, I am inclined to follow the advice of the
>> list-manager in most cases. Is that evidence of my moral delinquency?
>> Regards,
>> Richard Smyth
>>> Deeply ashamed that I must identify myself as one part of Peter's
>>> "moral blancmange", better-late-than-never(?) my fingers now hit the
>>> keyboard.

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