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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Subject: Re: Peter Stewart's Ancestry
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 03:55:37 +1000
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Peter retreats to weasel-wording, balderdash and bafflegab.

His attack on Douglas Richardson is totally unjustified.

But he still offers some of the Best Entertainment on USENET.


Lux et Veritas et Libertas

"Peter Stewart" <> wrote in message

> More dreary nonsense.
> Clearly I don't "attack people FIRST" or there would be hundreds of SGM
> readers on the receiving end instead of just the fools and phoneys.

Nonsense & Bafflegab.

> Hines knows perfectly well that he has not carried a single point in our
> exchanges, otherwise he wouldn't have retreated to copying his same-old
> lies time and again.

Nonsense & Bafflegab. No lying by Hines. Everything I say below has been

> His defective language and comprehension skills are on parade yet again:
> my head hit ONE cobblestone, and Leo said that Richardson "maintained" a
> falsehood about me, not that he "said" this explicitly. The case has been
> poroved. [sic] Deceit and insinuation are Richardson's stock-in-trade,
> always
> have been.

More Lies, Weasel-Wording & Bafflegab By Stewart.

> Peter Stewart
> "D. Spencer Hines" <> wrote in message
> news:rmkxi.253$...

>> Rosie Bevan obviously hasn't kept up with the message traffic.
>> She is posting from a Flower Bed of Ignorance.
>> Peter Stewart berates and insults people -- then runs for the tall grass
>> and cries, "Help, the trolls are beating on me!" when people grab him by
>> the short hairs and PULL -- as I have.

That's Precisely What Happened.

>> Any honest person will see that Peter attacks people FIRST -- as is the
>> case here -- not the other way around.

Proven From The Archives -- In This Case & Many Others. Peter Attacks
First...Then Complains When Others Respond In Kind...

>> Further, as we all now know:
>> Stewart damaged his brain VERY badly 33+ years ago, when he banged his
>> skull on an Oxford cobblestone.
>> His noodle was so badly damaged and discombobulated he could no longer
>> continue at Oxford.
>> "Quite right for once - I lost the ability to read." -- Peter Stewart
>> A Disability He STILL HAS...
>> As We See In These NEWSGROUPS.
>> Straight from the horse's own mouth:
>>> I have difficulty reading sometimes, unable to process even simple
>>> strings of letters into words, and like other people with other
>>> disabilities I have to take extra time & trouble to
>>> compensate. -- Peter Stewart
>> I couldn't have said it better myself.
>> All Peter's troubles date from that hard noodle smash on the cobblestones
>> at Oxford 33+ years ago, when he fell off the motorcycle -- drunk...

All Proven By Peter's Own Testimony.

>> "Tipsy" -- as he insists.
>> 'Nuff Said.
>> As for Leo van de Pas, he has QUITE RECENTLY made a totally unwarranted
>> attack on Douglas Richardson, as follows:
>> "...Richardson maintained Peter Stewart was a homosexual..."
>> Leo van de Pas -- 15 August 2007
>> Now Leo needs to act like a MAN and either PROVE Douglas said that, with
>> hard evidence, OR withdraw the accusation and apologize.

Leo has NOT acted like a man and continues to hide in the shadows. Bad

>> There are NO other honorable alternatives.

Verdict: Leo is NOT an honorable man.

>> DSH
>> Lux et Veritas et Libertas
>> Deus Vult
>> Veni, Vidi, Calcitravi Asinum

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