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From: "Leo van de Pas" <>
Subject: Fw: Peter Stuyvesant
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 13:26:32 +1000

This request by Spencer Hines puzzles me.

For the last several years he has been to busy with "other things" to be
bothered with genealogy.

Also Spencer Hines has clearly displayed in his treatment of Peter Stewart
that what is given him in kindness one moment, the next it will be thrown
back into the face of that person. Why should I open myself to that kind of

The information I collect, in the long run, will be accessible on my
website. Watch that space for the next update :-) Admittedly, the files I
make available make the information about a person's descendants much easier

With best wishes
Leo van de Pas
Canberra, Australia

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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Newsgroups: soc.genealogy.medieval
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Sent: Friday, August 24, 2007 10:03 AM
Subject: Re: Peter Stuyvesant

> Yes, do send it please to me.
> "Leo van de Pas" <> wrote in message
> news:...
> A very kind person helped me with information about the Stuyvesant family,
> I have digested this and made a file just to see what it brought together
> and it is quite amazing (to me) who are to be found amongst the
> descendants of this family. Kirk Douglas, Montgomery Clift, Eleanor
> Roosevelt, Robert Traill Spence Lowel IV, Adam von Trott zu Solz (involved
> in the conspiracy against Hitler), Princess Maria Antonia de Braganca,
> Infanta of Portugal, and many others.
> If anyone is interested, let me know and I will send it.
> With best wishes
> Leo van de Pas
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