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From: WJhonson <>
Subject: Re: Database Recommendations For Mediaeval Genealogy
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2007 11:32:41 -0700
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I've experimented with adding all the titles as *children* with a (T) suffix or prefix, I've also experimented with adding all the properties with a (P) prefix.

None of those solutions are wonderful, but they do work sort-of. The part that's annoying is when you have multiple holders of a title, all linked together through this shared-title and then try to find out how two people are related, it will try to relate through through the title because I've fiddled it to think they are children.

My fault on that of course. I just wish there were a program that would allow you to create not just parent-child-spouse relationships, but whatever-you-want relationships. And then of course index those fields :)

Will Johnson

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