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From: "Normandy" <>
Subject: Re: Duke of Buccleuch Dies
Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2007 15:08:16 +0200
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>> > So, a relative of Cousin Diana...
>> >
>> > With a bastard descent from Charles II.
>> >
>> > DSH
>> >
>> How closely were you related to 'Cousin Diana'? How closely was the late
>> Duke of Buccleuch related to Diana? How closely are you related to that
>> family?
> Probably even further away than are we Spencers, by the distance between
> Surrey & Hawaii, which must be as far away as one can be, thank goodness.
> Surreyman

Always been interested in where names came from. Looked up Spencer "In a
castle a chamberlain was an important official. The surname Chambers comes
from the same source, a man who looked after the king's or a noble's private
chambers. The man who dispensed stores was a spencer. Other officials were
the parker who looked after the game park and the warriner who looked after
rabbit warrens. From him we get the surname Warner. The reeve was an
important official in a Medieval village. Bailey is a
corruption of bailiff, another important official


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