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From: "D. Spencer Hines" <>
Subject: Re: Duke of Buccleuch Dies
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2007 06:38:28 +1000
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"Surreyman", like most broken-down Englishmen, with many frustrations, wants
to tie his lineage to a Noble, Royal or Retainer -- as in "Robert le

He wants to find such links for his own aggrandizement -- whereas I do it
for the FUN of it -- realizing that such descents are available to millions
who are willing to do the tracing.

TENS of MILLIONS of us are descended from William The Conqueror himself --
so, making some silly-buggers statement about an invented Companion of the
Conqueror is ludicrous -- but amusing -- and "Surreyman" provides Fair
Entertainment -- although he's not a Top Banana, such as Stewart.

Telling us about a "Robert le Despenser" that someone ELSE made up and
trying to hook himself to it is just as bad as inventing a Companion of the
Conqueror himself.


Lux et Veritas et Libertas

"David" <> wrote in message

> On Sep 7, 3:13 pm, "D. Spencer Hines" <> wrote:

>> Bingo!
>> This "Robert le Despenser" as a Companion Of The Conqueror sounds like
>> wishful thinking on "Surreyman's" part.
>> Par For The Course...
>> DSH
> That's a little harsh -- the story that a Spencer came over with
> William the Conqueror may be erroneous, or even fraudulent, but it's
> not as if Surreyman is personally making it up.

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