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From: "John P. Ravilious" <>
Subject: Re: Who Really Came With William The Conqueror In 1066?
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 04:13:19 -0700
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Dear Richard,

Robert de Mowbray, a nephew of the bishop (as I recall) was the
bishop's heir, but he died without issue after being forfeited during
the reign of William II of England (i.e. William 'Rufus').

Nigel d'Aubigny, or de Albini, acquired Robert's widow and
estates, and changed his name to de Mowbray (see CP IX:366-7, sub
Mowbray). Nigel is the ancestor of the later Mowbrays, Lords Mowbray,
Dukes of Norfolk (ancestors of the Howards), etc.

I've seen it put about that Nigel's mother was a Mowbray, but I'm
not aware of any validity to this claim. The near relationship to
Robert de Mowbray's widow (in terms of affinity) appears to speak
against this, unless there's a convoluted relationship that would not
have irritated ecclesiastic nerves of the day.



On Sep 10, 4:27�am, Turenne <> wrote:
> John Ravilious wrote:
> 16. Geoffrey de Mowbray, Bishop of Coutances.
> No known descendants.
> Aren't there any collaterals of this bishop still knocking about? The
> Duke of Norfork for example.
> Richard

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