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From: "W. David Samuelsen" <>
Subject: Anna of Arimathea - who is HER husband?
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 12:27:16 -0600

Don't make fun or insult on this one....

I see 3 different husbands for Anna of Arimathea, daughter of Joseph of
Arimathea now.

one is 3 generations apart.

1. Beli Mawr, "King" of the Britons
bef 162 BC, died 72 BC

2. Brian Boru ap Ly Llediaith
(Bran Fendigaid "the blesed" Llediaith ap Llyr, King of Siluria)
born Siluria (now Monmouth), Wales
(grandson of #1 Beli Mawr)

and now this...
3. Manogan, Celtic King of the Druids
(father of Beli Mawr, son of Eneid

one entry I found, even showed Anna married to #2 then #1

Can anyone clear this one up in an hurry?

David Samuelsen

Most often, many listed #2.

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