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Subject: Re: Anna of Arimathea - who is HER husband?
Date: Sun, 16 Sep 2007 15:17:17 -0700
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On Sep 14, 7:13 pm, WJhonson <> wrote:
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> Cunobelinos was King of the Catulvellauni, from about 10 to about 40
> AD. >>
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> Am I right in thinking this was Shakespeare's Cymbeline aka Kymbelinus ?
> If so, he is also mentioned by Geoffrey, but as a different person. He states in particular that this Kymbelinus was "brought up by Augustus Caesar" which at least allows us a chronological peg at this point in his narrative.
> He gives the father of this Kymbelinus as Tenuantis (aka Tasciovan), Duke of Cornwall and later King of all Britain, who must have lived per my framework from say 90/70 BC until at leat 50 BC
> The father of this Tasciovan being King Lud
> The son of Kymbelinus is given as Arviragus who fought against Claudius' armies....

Tasciovanus was the son of Cassivelanus, kings of the Catuvellauni.
Caesar reinstated the heir of the kingdom of the Trinovantes, which
had been overcome by the Catuvellauni, and forbade Tasciovanus from
further harassing the Trinovantes (Caes._Bel Gall._5.18-22).

The continuing expansion of the Catuvellauni under Tasciovanus caused
Timcommius and Dumnobellanus, kings of the Atrebates and the Kentish
tribes respectively, to seek refuge in Rome. Augustus says,

"Ad m supplices confug(_erunt_) regs Parthorum Tida(_tes et
postea_) Phrt-(_es_) regis Phrati(_s filius_); Medorum
A_)rtaxa[res; Britann(o)rum Dumnobellau(_nus_) et
Tim......." ["Kings of the Parthians, Tiridates, and later Phrates,
took refuge with me as suppliants; of the Medes, Artavasdes; of the
Adiabeni, Artaxares; of the Britains, Dumnobellaunus, and
Tim......." [_Res gestae divi Augustae_5.32, trans. F. W. Shipley
(Loeb). The lacunae in the Latin text is supplemented in the English
translation by the Greek version of the_Res gestae_from the_Monumentum
Ancyranum_(which I am not reproducing).]

Cunobelinus (d._c_.AD 40), the son of Tasciovanus, reigned for about
thirty or forty years. It was the threat of the continuing expansion
of the Catevellauni kingdom which served as a pretext for the invasion
of Britain by Claudius in 43. Dio Cassius, who is the only source on
this war (60.19-23), names Caratacus and Togodumnus as sons of

Christopher Ingham

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