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From: Douglas Richardson <>
Subject: Complete Peerage Addition: Burial of Sir John de Cherleton,3rd Lord Cherleton
Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2007 10:50:31 -0700

Dear Newsgroup ~

The book, English Historical Literature in the 14th Century, by John
Taylor, published in 1987 includes extracts from a newly discovered
Wigmore chronicle written during the 1360s and 1370s: On page 298 of
the chronicle extract is found a record of the burial of Sir John de
Cherleton, 3rd Lord Cherleton, which took place at Strata Florida
Abbey 20 August 1374:

"Eodem anno [1374] obiit Johannes de Cheorlton / dominus de Powys et
XIII kalendas septembris [20 August] honorifice apud monasterium de
Strathmathhull sepultus." END OF QUOTE.

Complete Peerage, 3 (1913): 161 (sub Cherleton) states that John de
Cherleton, 3rd Lord Cherleton, died 13 July 1374, but gives no source
for this information. Assuming the death and burial deaths are both
correct, I'd assume that John de Cherleton likely died abroad or in
distant parts for there to be such a gap between his death and burial

Sir John de Cherleton, 3rd Lord Cherleton, was a grandson of the
infamous Sir Roger de Mortimer (died 1330), 1st Earl of March, which
explains the inclusion of his burial in the Wigmore chronicle.

Best always, Douglas Richardson, Salt Lake City, Utah

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