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From: "M.Sjostrom" <>
Subject: ancestry of Helena Snakenborg
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2007 05:58:31 -0700 (PDT)

Knowing that there are some more or less questionable
genealogies floating around about ancestry of Helena
Snakenborg, particularly in the internet,
here is a Kekule listing of her ancestry up to
great-great-grandparents as it can be sourced
basically from Elgenstierna, Introducerade Svenska
Adelns Ättartavlor, but heavily modified and corrected
by information later published in the series Äldre
Svenska Frälsesläkter (1957-... currently 2001), and
some other research literature.
(Retrospectively invented surnames are withheld,
instead the seat manor -lordship, in practical terms-
of the noble is mentioned where possible)
That one was from Sweden, is not specifically pointed
out, instead other coutries (Norway) are as far as

1 marchioness of Northampton, born Elin Ulfsdotter

2 Ulf Henriksson of Fyllingarum
3 Agneta Knutsdotter of Norrnes. Her surname 'Lillie'
may have been in use already in her lifetime.

4 Henrik Erlandsson of Fyllingarum
5 Elin Ulfsdotter of Ervalla
6 Knut Andersson of Okna
7 Marta Goransdotter of Norrnes

8 Erland Pedersson of Flishult
9 Gertrud Birgersdotter of Fyllingarum
10 Ulf Pedersson of Ervalla
11 Birgitta Joensdotter of Svenneby
12 Anders Larsson of Okna
13 Agneta Joensdotter of Ornes
14 Göran Hansson of Norrnes
15 Gertrud Nilsdotter Posse *

16 Peder Jonsson of Flishult
17 Elin Henriksdotter Snakenborg **
18 Birger Nilsson of Fyllingarum
19 Birgitta Isaksdotter of Ryklinge
20 Peter Ulvson av Huseby & Ervalla (from Norway)
21 Gjertrud Ogmundsdottir av Tomb (from Norway)
22 Joens Bengtsson of Svenneby
23 Karin Magnusdotter of Tjuk (or Kjuk, depends on
which orthography is used)
24 Lars Öndersson of Okna
25 Kerstin Andersdotter
26 Joens Ingemarsson of Ornes
27 Kerstin Olofsdotter
28 Hans Pedersson of Norrnes
29 Cathrine Clausdatter Slaveka
30 Nils Jensen Posse, lord of Tun
31 Gjertrud Mattisdotter av Austraat (from Norway),
possibly herself surnamed 'Reymar'

I am also thinking about whether I find time to go
through the Raneke three volumes and collect
referenced list of at least some of the above as to
the escutcheon they bore.

This far no one had found time to furnish an
electronic text of the ODNB biography I asked. It
would be nice, had someone it in electric form.

* Reasoning for identification of the mother of Marta
Goransdotter of Norrnes is presented in my article in
the Journal of the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy,
vol 2 nr 4

** According to Äldre Svenska Frälsesläkter, her
paternal grandmother was not Kristina Bengtsdotter of
Kraakerum, a great-niece of St.Bridget of Sweden. This
piece of knowledge is contrary to what some have
wanted to have in their pedigrees, or fabricated. Of
course, a bunch of unreliable genealogies,
particularly floating in the internet, present this
otherwise, and some people tend to repeat such
genealogies in full gullibility.

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