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From: Bill Arnold <>
Subject: Re: Middleton pedigree, 1100-1600: Leeke and Peck
Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 15:18:31 -0700 (PDT)
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Re: the following segment of the proposed Peck-Leeke-Middleton segment,
I will present selections from NEHGSREGISTER of the Peck authors, hereafter
referred to as *authors,* of their conclusions and evidence, from transcriptions
in English of often-times Latin documents, of abstracts of English records,
including wills and court and church records [for fuller texts, see originals
or those from the NEHGSREGISTER: I accept responsibility for any errors
in my transcriptions and will gladly clarify omissions and supply details


3425 3424
Rebecca Clark______________________Joseph Peck
b.2 May,1585,Hingham,Norfolk,GB. b.30Apr1587,Beccles,Suffolk,GB.
m.21 May 1617,Hingham,Norfolk, England, GB.
d.24 Oct 1637,Hingham,Suff.,GB. d.23 Dec 1663,Rehoboth,MA.
6849 6848
Ellen(Helen)Babb(Babbs)____________Robert Peck, Jr.
b.Sep 1546,Guildford,Surrey,GB. b.28 Nov 1548,Beccles,Suff.,GB.
m.22 Jul 1573,Beccles, Suffolk,England,GB .
d.31 Oct 1614,Beccles,Suff.,GB. d.22 Mar 1593,Beccles,Suff.,GB.
13697 13696
Joan(Johan) Waters_________________Robert Peck
b.1524,Beccles,Suffolk,GB. b.1526/1533,Beccles,Suff.,GB.
m.1540,Beccles,Suffolk, England,GB.
d.Oct 1556,Beccles,Suffolk,GB. d.20 Nov 1556,Beccles,Suff.,GB.

27393 27392
Margery Leeke______________________Henry Peck
b.c.1476,Carltoncolville, Suf.,GB. b.1496,Carltoncolville,Suff.,GB
d.? d.bef.16 Apr 1525,Beccles,S.,GB
54785 54784
Alice Middleton____________________Richard Peck
b.Yorkshire,GB. b.Yorkshire,GB.
d.aft.1491 d.24 Jun 1516, Wakefield,GB.

[Note 2: "Beccles, the home of two Robert Pecks, the grandfather and
the father of Rev. Robert Peck and of Joseph Peck of Hingham and
Rehoboth in New England, is an important parish in the northeastern
part of Suffolk, 41 miles northeast from Ipswich. It is situated on the
River Waveney, which winds in a general northeasterly direction towards
the North Sea and separates Suffolk from Norfolk...
The earliest mention in the records here presented of a Robert
Peck who can be *proved* to be the first Robert Peck of Beccles of the
Peck pedigree is found in the will of John Leeke of Beccles, dated 6 Sept.
1529 (*vide infra*). The testator calls Robert Peck his "neve"
[scholars since the original now translate its meaning as *grandson*
which was general usage in the 16th century: later in the series, see
comment by G. Andrews Moriarty, A.M., LL.B., F.S.A., of Bristol, R.I.,
Chairman of the Committee on English and Foreign Research
(the *vetting* panel of the NEHGSociety REGISTER publication cited)
Jan 1937, page 7]
without naming his residence; but in the records in the Chancery suit
Drawer v. Pek (*vide infra*) [already posted to gen-medieval as Note 1]
his residence is given as Beccles, co. Suffolk. Below are given, in
chronological order, abstracts of (1) the will of John Leeke of Beccles,
dated, it seems likely, on the Thursday before Michaelmas, 1504,
who was *probably* the father of the testator of 6 Sept. 1529, (2) the
will of Thomas Leke, Parson, of Beccles, dated 12 Dec 1504, who was
brother of the testator of the Michaelmas season, 1504, (3) the will
of Henry Peke of Carlton Colville, co. Suffolk, dated 16 Apr. 1525, who
*may have been* the father of the Robert Peck named in the will of the
testator of 6 Sept. 1529. Then follow abstracts of (5) the proceedings
in the Chancery suit of Drawer v. Pek, *circa* 1530, (6) the will of Alyce
Leeke of Beccles, dated 14 June 1537, widow of the testator of 6 Sept.
1529, and (7) the will of Robert Pecke of Beccles, dated 31 Oct 1556
[*grandson*] of the testator of 6 Sept. 1529 and grandfather of the
emigrants to New England" [Oct 1935, page 333].

COMMENT: I will end this post at this point. In the interest of scholarship,
I open the door to query as to what members believe would be crucial
in any of the above reference documents. Understanding, I will select
what I consider substantial proof of the proposed pedigree of Peck-
Leeke-Middleton, if others differ: please correct the pedigree or query
for information sought from the above record. There are considerably
more documents referenced as we go along. We, knowingly, are
REVISITING the work left undone in the NEHGSREGISTER circa 1939.
We acknowledge up-front that significant *probable* and *probably*
qualifiers must be inserted at appropriate places, and if I omit them
in my zeal to prove the proposed pedigree, by all means remind me.
No doubt, members may find proof found lacking in the series as
completed circa 6 decades ago. I attest I have a vested interest in
the proposed pedigree inasmuch as Joseph Peck was my gateway
ancestor of this lineage to England and make no apologies for my
unmitigated zeal in seeking truth and certainty where possible.


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