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Subject: Re: Joan de Clinton, widow of John de Montfort, John de Clinton, and Henry ap Griffith
Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 16:17:41 -0800 (PST)
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On Jan 3, 12:27 pm, "Monica Kanellis" <>

> I seem to have her as a descendant of Aethelred II. No idea how strong this
> line is:
> Aethelred II
> Aelgifu=Aelfgar III

Nope. There is no evidence as to AElfgifu's parentage (and this
marriage, between the royal house and one of the two most prominent
families of the time) would almost certainly have been mentioned.

> Leverunia of Mercia

Nope. There is no evidence that any such daughter of AElfgar existed.
He has three documented childen: Eadgar, Morcar, and Eadgyth. Anything
else is 'hypothesis'.

> Siward of Ardern
> Osbert of Ardern
> Osbert of Ardern
> Amicia Ardern
> William Bracebridge
> Ralph Bracebridge
> Maud Bracebridge
> John de Clinton=Ida de Odinsells
> John de Clinton=Margery Corbet
> John de Clinton=Elizabeth de la Planche
> Joan de Clinton

I have never looked at these generations before, so I can't say.

> going back through the male Clinton line, the through Godfroi d'Arques it
> links into Viking royalty (Sigefroi III of Jylland, etc.)

Do you mean the Clinton male line? If so, then I don't know that such
a descent is well-founded. Perhaps you could post the details.


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