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From: John Brandon <>
Subject: Re: A few additions and corrections to the _Great Migration_ volumes
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 10:58:45 -0800 (PST)
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1634 (Ruth Bushell)

On 2 July 1635, "Ruth Bushell," aged 23, was enrolled at London as a
passenger for New England on the _Abigail_, with a certificate of
conformity from the minister of Shoreditch, Stepney, Middlesex.

COMMENTS: She married by 1637 EDWARD MITCHELSON of Cambridge.

A little further information could have been provided about Ruth
Bushell. In his autobiography, Rev. Thomas Shepard mentioned that
Ruth Bushell had been present in the household of Richard Darley at
Buttercrambe, Yorkshire, during his stay there in the early 1630s:
"Yet the Lord did not leave me comfortless; for though the lady
[Darley's wife] was churlish, yet Sir Richard was ingenious, and I
found in the house three servants, (viz. Thomas Fugill, Mrs. Margaret
Touteville, the knight's kinswoman, that was afterward my wife, and
Ruth Bushell, who married to Edward Michelson,) very careful of me;
which somewhat refreshed me" [Young's First Planters, 525-26].,M1

With the knowledge that Ruth Bushell originated in Yorkshire, it might
be worthwhile to investigate whether she could be the "Ruthe
[Bushell], wife of Will'm Boyse [?sic] in Virginia [?sic]" mentioned
in the pedigree of "Bushell of Whitby" in Sir William Dugdale's 1665
_Visitation of the County of Yorke ..._ (Surtees Society, vol. 36), p.

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1634 (Arthur Mackworth)

Omitted. This error is mentioned by Nat Taylor in his review of the
most recent Great Migration volume in the new TAG (82: 155-56), where
he mentions that Mackworth "was in Maine well before 30 March, 11
Charles I (1635), when he was granted a tract of land on the
Pesumpscot River 'which now and for many yeares is and hath bin in the
possession of the said Arthur Mackworth' (H. W. Richardson, ed., _York
Deeds_, 18 vols. [Portland, Maine, 1887-1910], 1 pt. 2: folios 1-2)."
Indeed, checking the _Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New
Hampshire_, I note the statement there that Mackworth "prob. came over
in 1630 with Vines or in 1631 with Lewis" (p. 451); so, possibly, he
should have been included in the 1620-1633 Great Migration Begins

As a descendant of several people in Mackworth's "orbit" (Michael
Mitton, Joan Price Cleeves, and Mackworth's wife Jane [by her first
husband]), I would have been very interested in this biography as well.

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