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From: "John Briggs" <>
Subject: Re: Children of Isabel of England (Died 1241),Wife of Emperor Frederick II
Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2008 17:59:16 GMT
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Douglas Richardson wrote:
> On Jan 23, 1:20 am, "John Briggs" <> wrote:
> < The Wikipedia - which Douglas says is confused - gives dates of
> birth, and
> < dates of death of mothers in childbirth, which don't tie up with
> your
> < account - i.e. that Bianca died before Frederick married Isabella
> (who was
> < considerably younger).
> The two sources which I cited gave no date whatsoever for the marriage
> of Emperor Frederick to Blanche, so I'm not sure how either they or I
> could disagree with the dates cited in Wikipedia.
> All I said is that the Emperor evidently considered his marriage to
> Blanche to be a valid marriage, as he referred to her first cousin,
> Manfred, Marquis of Lancia, as his "affinis," that is, kinsman by
> marriage. I cited a contemporary record to back up this statement,
> not a modern genealogical database as you have done.
> Perhaps it would be good, John, if you went on the record. What date
> do you give to this marriage? And what is your primary source? Do
> you agree or disagree with Wikipedia that Blanche was only the
> Emperor's mistress? If you disagree, why so? On what records are you
> basing your analysis?

Well, according to the Wikipedia, Bianca died in 1233. Do you see the cause
of my perplexity?
John Briggs

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