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Subject: Royal and Noble Genealogical Data on the Web
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2008 19:19:02 -0800 (PST)

Royal and Noble Genealogical Data on the Web

At this site I have Genealogical data for the Royal Family of
but this includes just about all the Royals for Europe. This data is
static as I am still adding to it. I have documented some of the
and Limitations of using the web to access genealogical data and
in distributed genealogical databases.

*Royal Family Genealogy
*The Genealogy of the US Presidents
*A Tiny test file containing no information what so ever
*A backup version of the Royal Family Genealogy data

Other sites that have related genealogical data are:
*Swedish Royal Genealogy
*The Royal92 data in web format
*The Royal92 data in an alternate web format (currently offline)
*Genealogy of the Royal Family of the Netherlands
*Royal families of Tonga, Fiji, Burma, Hawaii, Cambodia, Zulus,
Swaziland, India, Nigeria, Malaysia etc
*Paul Theroff's Online Gotha
*The Chivalric Orders Royal and Noble genealogies
*William Addams Reitwiesner's esoteric points of European Royal
*The ancestors of Edward III
*German Nobility Database
*The descendants of Charlemagne
*Medieval Pommeranians 1503-1588
*Royal Descents of famous people
*Early British Kingdoms
*David Huges' British Regnal lists
*Hoelseth's Royal Corner
*The Kings and Queens of Europe - Camelot, A commercial site
*Nobility in Switzerland
*Maori Royalty of New Zealand
*Queen Victoria: Grandmother of Europe
some Royal, but non-genealogy, sites:
*The Official Queen's Royal Web site (opened at 16:00 GMT 6 Mar
*Buckingham Palace official Press Releases
*The Official Swedish Royal Web site
*The Official page of King Simeon of Bulgaria
*Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia's official page
*The Belgian Monarchy's Official Web Page
*The official site of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark
*The Princes of Liechtenstein
*The Grand Dukes of Luxemburg
*The Grimaldis of Monaco
*The Imperial Family of Japan
*Japan, Inc. - The Emperor System and Japan's Royal Family
*Royal House of Bourbon Two Sicilies
*Royal Houses and Families of the World
*European Royal History & Journal
The following are other genealogy sites:
*Tompsett Family Genealogy
*The main UK and Ireland Genealogy home page
*Penn State Genealogy Home Page
*B. Wathne's 'Genealogy on the WEB' page
*The Wedgewood Family Page
*The Descendants of Richard Austin, Charlestown MA 1638
*Phillip Akers data
*Alan Stanier's data
*Gene Stark's genealogy page
*Rob & Jen's Genealogy Page
*Ladewig Genealogical Data
*Law Genealogical Data
*The original Frode Kvam experiment [currently offline]
*Khikoff Geneaology (contains various russian noble descents)
To get a copy of the source files used to produce these searches and
FTP the file GED2WWW.tar.gz.

Brian Tompsett
Department of Computer Science
University of Hull
Hull, UK, HU6 7RX

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