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From: wjc <>
Subject: Wadard or Rainald Wadard?
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 15:10:34 -0800 (PST)

Some time ago, I added the family of Wadard, a Knight who took part in
the Conquest, to my 'tree'.

At the time, I had access to both of Keats- Rohan's excellent
"Domesday People" and "Domesday Descendants", and used information
shown in:

DP, pp. 350, 359
DD, pp. 368, 1140

According to my notes from the time, the relationship of the family
members was:

1. Wadard
1.1 Rainald Wadard, his son
1.1.1 Walchelin Radard, Rainald's son. Denise, Walchelin's daughter. Married Hugh de Chesney Helewise, Walchelin's daughter.

Now, going through articles in British History on Line, I encountered
the following:

In 1086 Odo of Bayeux and Miles Crispin shared the lordship of
SOMERTON. Odo held 9 hides, while Miles held two small estates of 1
hide each. (fn. 42) The latter had been held before the Conquest by
Brictric and Ketel, a Dane, but in 1086 Rainald Wadard or Waard was
the undertenant of all three estates. Wadard was closely associated
with Odo of Bayeux--he appears in the Bayeux tapestry--and was the
latter's tenant in several neighbouring Oxfordshire villages besides
holding lands of him in five other counties.

From: 'Parishes: Somerton', A History of the County of Oxford: Volume
6 (1959), pp. 290-301. URL:
Date accessed: 19 February 2008.

Question: Are Wadard and Rainald Wadard one and the same?

My notes do not answer this question. Nor do I find an answer in any
of the articles discussed by this group. Does anyone have access to
"Domesday People"' and "Domesday Descendants"' who can see if Keats-
rohan addresses this?

Thank you for your help.


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