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Subject: Re: Sir Paunettus, kinsman to Edward the Black Prince: Clue to ancestry of Paonet de Ruet?
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 21:23:30 -0700 (PDT)
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Dear Peter (at al.):

--Here is the text of the first bit that I have found: This is from
one of the volumes of _Cartulaire Des Comtes de Hainaut, pp. 321-22,
and concerns the granting of a prebend to Elizabeth, daughter of Lord
Giles, called Paonet de Ruet. Is it significant that Elizabeth is
"Elizabet dicte dou Ruet..." (the dou as opposed to de, I mean. I'll
readily admit myself well and truly ignorant in Latin.) ??

begin quoted text:

"Lettres par lesquelles l'imperatrice Marguerite accorde a Elizabeth
du Roeulx, la prebende du chapitre de Sainte-Waudru, de Mons, vacante
par le deces de Beatrix de Wallaincourt.

(27 juillet 1349, a Munich en Baviere.)

Margareta, Dei gracia, Romanorum imperatrix, comitissa Hanonie,
Hollandie, Zelandie ac demonia Frisie, venerabilibus personis nobisque
in Christo dilectis, capitulo Beate Waldetgrudis Montensis,
Cameracensis dyocesis, salutem et omne bonum. Cum nos canonicatum et
prebendam ecclesie nostre predicte ad nostram collationem spectantem,
per obitum quondam Beatricis de Wallaincourt, ipsius ecclesie cum
decessit canonice prebendate, vacantes ad presens, nobili
adolescentule Elizabet dicte dou Ruet domini Eidii dicti Paonet de
Ruet filie, pleno jure contulerimus cum suis juribus et pertintiis
universis, hinc est quod vos attente requiremus tenore presentium
nichilominus mandantes quantinus eandem Elizabeth de Ruet in
corporalem possessionem dictorum canonicatus et prebende juriumque et
pertinentiarum eorumdem inducatur, eidemque de fruetibus, proventibus,
re3ditibus et emolumentis universis ipsorum respondeatis seu
responderi faciatis, stallum sibi in choro et locum in capitulo eum
plenitudine juris canonice prebendate aassignantur, adhibitis etiam
soliennitatibus que solent et debent in talibus adhiberi. In quorum
testimonium, sigillum nostrum presentibus hiix duximus apponendum.
Datum in Monacho in Bavaria, anno Domini millesimo tricentesimo
quadragesimo nono, vicesima septima die mensis julii."


end quoted text.

My apologies for the lack of diacriticals (I think they are called?).
I don't know how to accurately reproduce these online (they are higher
ASCII and are thus not consistent across typefaces and platforms

Kindest thanks to all,


On Mar 11, 12:35 am, "Peter Stewart" <> wrote:
> Apart from Paon and Catherine, the indexs list Huon de Roët and Jean de Roët
> on p. 38, then Philippe de Roët (Chaucer's wife) on the next page followed
> by "Roulx, Rolx, Rues", the various spellings used by Froissart for the
> famous noble family in Hainaut. This does not suggest that he considered
> "Paon de Ruet" a member of the same family. The information on Fastré du
> Roulx (note the "du", meaning the designation was "of Le Roulx" whereas "de"
> for Paon's surname indicates he was from a place called "Ruet" without the
> definite article) ends with a brief mention of the extinction of the
> seigneurs of Roulx in 1337, i.e. during the lifetime of Paon. This strongly
> suggests that, if he was related at all (which appears far from likely to
> me), this was almost certainly through an illegitimate connection.
> Peter Stewart

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