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From: "M.Sjostrom" <>
Subject: Re: William Wallace's special friend
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 21:21:51 -0700 (PDT)

questions about
Lineage of the family known as Baillie of Lamington

It looks generally like those various personages all
named 'sir William Baillie, (laird) of Lamington',
could best (if ever) be separated from each other by
mentioning the name of the wife :)


I got informed that:

1. knight William Baillie, 9th laird of Lamington,
married in early 1600s, Grizel Hamilton, of Baldony,
daughter of Claud Hamilton, of Baldony

2. that sir William Baillie who married Grizel
Hamilton, was actually born as William Maxwell, and
was son of Edward Maxwell, by Margaret (or Mary)
Baillie, heiress of Lamington, elder daughter of sir
William Baillie, 8th laird of Lamington, and his first
wife Margaret Maxwell, Dowager Countess of Angus.
By an Act of Scottish Parliament, etc, he succeeded
his maternal grandfather in the Lamington inheritance.

3. William Baillie, who firstly married Margaret
Maxwell the Dowager Countess, and did not manage to
leave his inheritance to his adulterously-born son,
was son of sir William Baillie, laird of Lamington,
Master of Royal Wardrobe to Mary, Queen of Scots, and
his wife Janet Hamilton, (illegitimate) daughter of
James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Arran.

4. Elizabeth Lindsay, of The Byres, was daughter of
John Lindsay, 3rd Baron of the Byres, presumably by
his wife, lady Marion Baillie, of Lamington.

5. The said Elizabeth Lindsay married sir William
Baillie, 6th laird of Lamington

6. that sir William Baillie who married bastard of the
earl of Arran, was son of Elizabeth Lindsay and her
husband whose name was sir William Baillie

7. that sir William Baillie whose wife was his cousin
Elizabeth Lindsay, was son of sir William Baillie, 5th
laird of Lamington, and his wife Marion Home, daughter
of a Comptroller of Scotland, sir Patrick Home, of

8. that sir William Baillie whose wife was Marion
Home, of Polwarth, was possibly son of Marion Seton,
but very likely was not son of Catherine Hamilton (who
instead could have been his paternal grandmother).

9. Marion Seton appears to have been mother of Marion
Baillie, from Lamington, who married John Lindsay, 3rd
Baron of The Byres.


It looks like IF all statements above hold water, the
puzzle of identically-named lairds William in
Lamington can be solved through 1450s-1650s... and the
family tree is obvious and easy - no need to spell it
out, more than the above listing already does spell.

Now I am asking whether anyone spots any genealogical
ERRORS in the above list. Incorrect filiation?
Incorrect numbering of lairds?
Please inform the list about any specific errors

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