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From: "Ray O'Hara" <>
Subject: Re: Abraham Lincoln waged The War Between The States to SAVE THEUNION and not to free the slaves!
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2008 17:27:13 -0500
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> > Not when people bring up the white "slaves" brought to the Colonies.
> > yes white slavery was such a problem.
> Talk to the Aaron guy...he brought it up.

yeah, i brought it up, because it is part of the history of slavery

apparently revisionist historians believe they can verbally
disenfranchise American southerners
from our ancestral past with their magic wands, but that's a bunch of
nawthern bull patties
we CSA descendants are proud of our past, our history, our flags, and
we recognize history as history and revisionist propagandists as
revisionist propagandists
times have change, but history is history, and we can talk about it
honestly without revision


saying others held slaves doesn't absolve your ancestor slaver/rapers from
the crimes they committed or from the treason they attempted.

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